GIF Motion Design : 10 Catchy Animation Examples to Boost Your Creation

GIF Motion Design 10 Catchy Animation Examples to Boost Your Creation

Finding the GIF motion design that will hit the mark has become one of the major concerns for brands to conquer the web. King format of social networks, inexpensive and extremely versatile, the animated GIF also finds its place in newsletters, on a website or a blog. Combine it with motion design, THE popular video animation technique, and you get a powerful marketing tool that feeds your content strategy, captures the attention of your target audience and boosts your engagement rate in no time! Do you know the best GIF creation tools? C ow to create a GIF motion design fun and playful while remaining professional? What trends should you adopt to effectively convey your message in seconds? If these questions bother you, don’t worry. WE, 1st creative content production platform, specializing in graphics, writing and video, has put together a selection of 10 examples of corporate GIFs that perfectly handle the art of movement and rhythm.



Animated GIF and newsletter: the winning combo
This GIF motion design was created as part of an Asana email campaign. To announce the update of their team management software to a more efficient and faster version, the company illustrates this change with dynamic animation in soft colors, but nevertheless punchy. Simple and efficient, animating a visual in a newsletter boosts the click-through and conversion rate. A clever way to apply to stand out from traditional frozen communications.


Made by a motion designer from the WE community, this GIF is an excellent example of a successful motion design video. The composition of this mini-animation instantly marks by its minimalism taken from the flat design trend. The bright colors chosen by our expert contrast ingeniously with the visuals. The successive and fluid sequence of computer, tablet and smartphone pictograms highlights the responsive design aspect of WE interfaces .8. WITHINGS

The company Witlings, specialized in connected health, has chosen to collaborate with to create an animated GIF. A graphic design that is both pragmatic and relevant to show concretely, like a live demonstration, the functionalities of the application.


Using Outlook for Uber’s Animated GIF
Whether you opt for a motion design agency or a freelance motion designer, making an animated GIF requires a well-worked rhythm. Bet won for Uber with this GIF motion design. Evoking the buildings of a city, the geometric and refined elements of the background perfectly underline the car in the foreground, the common thread of animation. The scroll skillfully describes speed and the notion of mobility while ensuring an interesting visual effect.


An illustrative style motion design animation for the Mail chimp newsletter sending tool
For its GIF on the home page of its website, the Mail chimp newsletter sending tool adopts a rotating motion design. The faces, created in a very trendy “doodle” illustration style, twirl around on themselves in a loop forming a delicate choreography. Hypnotic, right? An inspiring idea to remember to catch the eye of your audience.


Social media GIF example
Like animated logos, motion design animation is also featured in visuals for social networks. Some companies like onto, the online bank for startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs, have seized the full potential of animated GIFs and their power of engagement. To celebrate these 50,000 corporate clients, onto delivers a composition with a refreshing and elegant gradient. Round shapes, vibrant colors… Halfway between GIF and cinemograph, this emotion-vector animation promotes sharing, interaction and virility! For other inspirations in the banking industry, take a look at our ranking of the best ads in motion design.


Maggie Offbeat GIF
The Maggie Company relies on an effective black and white look for its corporate animated GIF. Inspired by a half-cartoon, half-wild west style evoking the world of cartoons, the GIF takes us on a motorcycle ride that surprises with its fluidity: the visual elements appear and disappear in turn immediately capturing the attention. Of the public in an infinite viewing circle.


Sprite and its inspiring GIF in motion design
Functioning like a real mini-video with its catchy music, this corporate GIF made for Sprite is inspired by the stages of creating a motion design. The GIF intelligently mixes 3D graphics and video clips to give rhythm to the reading. Motion design is not a trivial choice for the sparkling drink brand: this video technique rejuvenates its brand image and matches perfectly for use on its social networks!


Captivating GIF idea in motion design
The goal of the GIF motion design series produced for ESPN, an American sports TV channel? Highlight unique sports practices. Rollers, chess, darts or even Quid ditch… The most original sports are set in motion in a very modern graphic style. Impossible to miss the Pantone color of the year: the intense blue in the background brings readability and lights up the animation by the custom video animators.


GIF of the startup Cleve surfing the 3D wave
In first place of this top 10 motion design GIFs, we find Cleve. The startup has designed a Chabot platform now used by internationally renowned groups. Cleve signs here a moving creation in 3D, major artistic direction of the moment: the entire composition, tinted with shades of blue, seems to float in the air. In the blink of an eye, this corporate GIF visually transcribes the art of conversational technology. Special mention for the discreet hearts that bring a warm touch and underline customer satisfaction! In short, a good example of GIF motion design at the heart of trends that conveys a creative and innovative brand image.

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