How To Remove The Geographical and Linguistic Barrier

How To Remove The Geographical and Linguistic Barrier

It is very likely that, if you work in a company, on more than one occasion, you have found yourself in a situation where you need to hold a meeting with a considerable group of people from the organization or even involving external staff, customers and/or suppliers.

Some people cited for the meeting are in the same building or branch. Still, the problem that may arise is that others are located in other cities, even outside the country. In some cases, the required people are doing telecommuting. They are in their homes, making the meeting impossible to carry out since it is necessary to transmit information or communicate something to this whole group of people and know their appreciation immediately.

Well, the solution is very simple. Now there are many options for meetings or meetings being able to incorporate all staff, regardless of where they are located at that time. One of those options is video conferencing systems.

The Video Conference

The videoconference allows several groups of people to connect from different points on a single platform and with such exceptional quality that it is capable of extending to several computers, tablets, and smartphones, even with different operating systems.

The above allows any user to connect from the home, office, or even from another country, as long as there is an Internet connection.

This certainly eliminates the problem of root location, allowing messages to reach the entire team at the same time.

Some Video Conferencing Solutions

There is a wide variety of videoconferencing platforms on the market, many free with certain restrictions, and other payment or licensing options that allow access to more advanced features according to the needs of each user or company.

Among the most recognized platforms, we can name the following:

  • Zoom Video Communications
  • Cisco Webex
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Gotomeeting

And how to Remove the Language Barrier?

Language is another factor that can influence effective business communication, but also, like the location problem, it has concrete solutions.

However, when communication in companies requires interaction in different languages ​​and where high impact issues such as international shareholders’ meetings are held, business closures with other areas of the organization or companies abroad, among others, the use of a highly timely, effective translation and in terms of each industry will be the best option to guarantee the communication objectives. ATL is a company that offers effective translation services along with multilingual content management solutions to businesses of all sizes. With 4% of a marketing and product executive’s budget, we can increase the number of leads by 25-50% with ROI of 151% using translation and localization as an element of a modern marketing and product executive’s toolbox, working on a wide range of content types: websites, documentation, software user interface, specifications, product descriptions, press releases, legal content and more, making it an excellent option.

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