Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Satellite Phones While Travelling

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Satellite Phones While Travelling

Satellite phones utilize the low orbit satellites that encompass the globe in space. When we connect to the satellite it redirects the signal to a communication station down on earth and it is then forwarded again into communication network where the call is received. Present technology ensures that the signal reception is good and you can connect in few seconds, no matter how much is the distance covered.

The benefits of satellite phones have led to their popularity especially during warfare and disaster management. The service providers in the satellite phone market provide the facility to rent or buy as per your need.

Features of Satellite Phones

We have all valued the benefits of the mobile phone in our daily lives and it appears that receiving a signal to converse is certainly not a problematic subject owing to the network of aerials appropriately situated around the country. It is only when we travel to isolated locations that the complications of communication become very obvious. The key features of a satellite phone are:

  • –        Promising signal reception round the globe
  • –        Affordable with both buying and renting options
  • –        Satellite internet facility
  • –        Compact hand-held units
  • –        Prepaid plans available with calling and data benefits

Why to use Satellite Phones while Travelling

Satellite phones are more popular among travelers these days. They are dependable and stress-free medium and offer a reserved mode of communication to its customers. Key reasons behind using satellite phones are:

Ideal for Emergency Communication

A satellite phone is a vital resource in emergency communications. It is crucial during hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes and warfare. A satellite phone does not rely on the local communication networks. When terrestrial networks are disrupted, a satellite phone will work surpassing the local cellular or landline services. Satellite phone user may not be able to call within local network but can call outside the disrupted region.

–         Remote areas ex. secluded forests where forestry workers have to operate.
–         Professionals in the mining, excavation and structural engineering fields.
–        People who need to use satellite phones because they work in extremely dangerous environments.
–        The military, security services, media and explorers all rely on the satellite phone

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Satellite Phones While Travelling

International Travel

–    When traveling abroad, cellular and even landline service can be unpredictable or not available.
–        A satellite phone will always work when calling back home
–        It can also be a dependable means of communication for important inbound business calls

Marine Communications

When travelling through oceans or other water bodies you will be out of the coverage area of cellular network. Radio communication is also limited and unpredictable. Satellite phone is an absolute requisite in a marine environment when land is out of sight.

–        In case of any system failure, vessel sinking etc. satellite phone can bring instant help.
–        It has the capability to display current latitude and longitude while on call.
–        Aids emergency aid personnel to locate the vessel.

Lower Cost Alternative

When traveling abroad cellular roaming charges and international call rates become too high. It makes satellite phone a cheaper alternative to cellular phones. A satellite phone is undoubtedly a trustworthy option when the local communication infrastructure is not reliable.

–        Various low rental plans
–        Low cost internet plan
–        Home coverage options

Backup for Landline and Cellular Communications

Satellite phones provide great backup for landline phones. Many satellite phones offer connection permitting any shelf corded or cordless phone to simply plug in and be utilized immediately.

–        When travelling in remote locations cellular coverage is not available.
–        A satellite phone can be a great backup when out of network coverage
–        Many lives have been saved because of the availability of satellite phone

It needs to be ensured you choose the right Satellite Phone Service for the area or country you are supposed to visit. For example, Iridium service covers the entire planet, excluding only North Korea, but Globalstar is better suited for use in the U.S. and Caribbean.

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