USB 4.0 Will be 2x Faster than USB 3.2

USB 4.0 Will be Twice as Fast as USB 3.2

USB 4.0, expected to be twice as fast as the existing USB 3.2 standard (20Gbps), will not only allow maximum speeds of up to 40Gbps but will also enable the transmitting and receiving of signals from connected devices.

This efficient and flexible new technology will also support a DisplayPort 2.0 which will expand the bandwidth of available signals to 80Gbps. This is high enough for video monitors with 8K HDR support. With this step, the industry groups are planning to substitute older-style ports on digital devices to focus on the increasingly flexible port for future generation computers.

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The new tech will support Apple’s Thunderbolt 3 standard and USB PD charging standard in addition to the two-lane delivery, allowing users to charge their devices at higher speeds (that is, if they support fast charging).

While thinking about the two-lane distribution of USB4, Tom’s hardware wrote: So, let’s assume you’ve got USB 4 with a capacity of 40 Gbps, and you’re outputting to a 4 K display when copying a lot of files from an external SSD. Then let’s stipulate that it requires about 12.5 Gbps of the video stream. In that case, the remaining 27.5 Mbps will be allocated to your backup drive by USB 4

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The new technology is expected to revolutionize how they can connect external monitors and other tools. You’ll have to wait until late-2020 or early 2021 to make use of the high speeds, however.

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