positive side of COVID-19

What could possibly be a positive side of COVID-19?

There is absolutely no doubt in accepting that the COVID-19 is an insanely viral infection that has shattered the world’s economy, brought superpowers down to their knees, and most importantly, taken many of our loved ones away. We are currently experiencing the worst-case scenario which we thought could only be possible in movies.

However, having a pessimist mindset, I tend to see the half-filled glass, rather than the half-empty of it.

No matter how brutal this pandemic has been to us, there could be a few things that could be considered as a brighter side of this curse. Being a millennial, a lot of us must have listened to the stories back from the 70s and 80s from our parents that how simple life used to be, and that is the fact our parents have a hard time catching up with today. Calm roads, less fatigue, the balance between work and family, enjoying the little things in life, all these sounded too impractical. But this pandemic has sent us back to the past.

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We now spend more time with our families and get to know how difficult it is actually for our parents to make a house, a home. We have healthy home-cooked food rather than the junk we used to have. We take care of some chores to support the family. We spend less time outside to satisfy our fake workaholic attitude which we think makes us cool.

Of course, there are still some, who are making most of this quarantine by sleeping from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. and being more of liability, but I believe there are much more people around us, who have discovered a new dimension out of it and being a helping hand towards their families and to the community eventually.

Other than the domestic stories, the pandemic has also given a break to this world, which was gasping heavily due to the fast pace of life. The earth is now healing by keeping us away from itself as in this two-way relationship, we were way more demanding and mean to it.

I feel the freshness in the air now, my ears are less tired in the evening and I feel light overall. Witnessed many stories regarding the streets of Venice are so clear that you see the fish swimming now. Swans came back to somewhere in the world where they had left, and the Ozone also recovered, etc.

I do not wish to criticize the path of growth on which we were progressing, but the theme here is to point out the meaningless things we incorporated into our lives to make it more complicated.

Let us all stick together and make the most of this time, to do what is actually right for us and for this world. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families who lost their precious ones. Salute to all the medical staff and the on-ground forces who are risking their lives to keep us sound. And let us also not forget those, whose kitchen has not enough to keep them alive.

Saqib Khan
I am an accountant with over 3 years of experience in the field of Accounts and Finance. I contribute to e-Syndicate as Researcher and News Writer. I write about Finance, Business, Local Pakistani News and International Finance.