UAE Develops a Cure for COVID-19

UAE Develops a Cure for COVID-19

Researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center (ADSCC) claim to have developed an innovative COVID-19 treatment that uses stem cells to cure the infection.

The procedure, according to ADSCC, includes removing stem cells from the patient’s blood and re-introducing them into the lungs in an activated state by inhaling a fine mist.

The mist has a therapeutic effect, as it allows the lung cells to regenerate and change the immune system response. This prevents the immune system from overreacting to the infection with COVID-19 and kills the healthy cells.

The treatment has shown promising results in the first stage of clinical trials, as per the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

During this level, 73 moderately or severely ill patients with Coronavirus, many intubated in ICU, were administered this treatment in the UAE along with standard COVID-19 treatment protocols. All of those patients had made full recoveries from the infection, WAM said.

Further clinical trials will be performed in the coming weeks to determine its efficacy. Meanwhile, ADSCC has been granted a patent by the UAE Ministry of Economy to further develop the promising treatment for COVID-19 disease.

The only downside of this treatment is the time and resources required for stem cells, but it could serve as a stop-gap approach until a vaccine is available to the public.


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