Govt Reduces LPG Prices to Lowest in Years

Pakistan Govt Reduces LPG Prices to Lowest in Years

The government has lowered the price of LPG by 30.25 percent to Rs. 1067.39 for April 2020 – the lowest in 17 years – due to global falling prices of LPG.

This is a decrease of Rs. 463/11 kg from Rs. 1530.17/cylinder compared with March, and the commercial cylinder price has dropped to Rs. 4,107/cylinder, a decrease of Rs. 1,781.

Irfan Khokhar, Chairman of the Pakistan LPG Distributors Association, said the reduction was due to the lockdown and asked the government to adopt an LPG strategy, remove general sales tax, petroleum levy and advance tax on LPG sector in order to prevent the industry from losing Rs. 2 billion.

It is important to point out that the decrease in fuel demand in the current shutdowns has resulted in the price decline globally. State-run Aramco in Saudi Arabia has cut the price of propane by $200 tonnes, and in April the price will be $230/ton compared to $430/ton in March.

Muhammad Salman Siddique
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