Benefits Associated With Home Automation Uses

Benefits Associated With Home Automation Uses

Home automation is becoming more and more popular with time. Companies like Cielo WiGle are introducing a range of products that can help simplify automation at home. Cielo WiGle Inc. manufactures a vast variety of products, ranging from basic smart controllers to advanced smart Wi-Fi controllers which are custom-made according to the clients’ requirements. Their products come with a complete ecosystem of hardware and software with apps for iOS, Android, and Web, and are backed by a powerful Amazon AWS IoT-based cloud application. Here are just some of the benefits that you get by introducing home automation.

Economic savings

You can have an air conditioning system activated by programmable sensors that can be controlled from outside the home. This allows you a more rational use of energy with consequent savings.

By incorporating appropriate software, a sensor will detect the temperature inside your home, and if it falls below the default, it will activate the heating. And you can also program, for example, the rise or fall of blinds depending on the sunlight that reaches them or the start-up of irrigation sprinklers, if you have a garden.


The peace of mind that can give you the possibility of remotely controlling security cameras and alarms through mobile devices makes home automation worthy of use.

This system allows you even to pretend your presence at home and launch action protocols. Also included within its scope are, for example, water or gas leaks and fires; that is, provide control of everything that can damage your integrity and that of those who accompany you.


This is another of the most grateful aspects to the use of home automation serving to:

  • Turning lights on and off with sensors in passageways.
  • Collective switching on and off of lighting devices
  • Control of the intensity of the lights
  • Establish areas where the lighting is kept on.


It is possible to have an ideal audiovisual system by automating the spaces. Normally, it is sought that the distribution of the sound, once generated, is fluid and occurs in all directions.

With regard to the image, the best option is to install a projector focused on a white screen next to your audio system; in this way, you can enjoy great sound and image quality taking up very little space.

Environmental conditions

Surely it will seem ideal to be able to delegate the regulation of the temperature of your room to the home automation system depending on the atmosphere outside. And something similar happens with humidity sensors, both internal and external if you have a garden; in this second case, the irrigation mechanism will trip when it detects the need for water.

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