Global and Regional Climate Changes to affect Pakistan in coming week

An extremely unusual and unexpected strong Western Depression is expected to showcase its rage in Pakistan next week.

The subtropical jet stream, a belt of strong upper-level winds lying above regions of subtropical high pressure. Unlike the polar front jet stream, it travels in lower latitudes and at slightly higher elevations, responsible for the increase in height of the tropopause at lower latitudes.

Due to current episodes of Grand Solar minimum and polar vortices, Sub-Tropical-Jets have been slipped away from there actual position around the world and it is going to trigger an unusually strong Western Disturbance.

A Grand Solar Minimum occurs when several solar cycles exhibit lesser than average activity for decades or centuries. Grand solar minima have shown some correlation with global and regional climate changes.

Rare Post-Monsoon moisture will also be approaching Pakistan from South which will result in Heavy rains along with strong Thunderstorms and severe but scattered Weather Conditions i.e Hailstorm, Windstorm, Severe Thunder/Lightning and flash floods in areas of SindhPunjabBalochistanKPK and Kashmir while this system will result in Heavy Snowfall over Mountain ranges of our Northern Areas.

Karachi is also on verge of experiencing its 1st proper Winter rain on 14-15th November.

Such rare Western Disturbances in the month of November were last recorded in the year 2008.

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