3 Amazing tools to create Animated Videos for various Business

video animation for business

According to the trending being carried out in the current era, it most certainly will be ok to say that if a business has adapted to video content as a part of their marketing strategy they surely will attain higher ROI (Return on Investment). This article is based on well-researched market trends and analyzes on the 5 most popular tools that are required to create animated videos for any companies/ business. This article should even prove to be of tremendous help for anyone who is fascinated or intrigued to make their animated videos.

In specifically when spoken of video marketing the stats speak much evidently for itself. According to various researches carried out, it has been seen that after watching a video an incredibly large number of consumers get attracted towards the service or product being endorsed to an approximate 70% to be precise. In terms of video animation being effective the most engaging type over every category is an Animation Explainer Video. The other statistics gathered are that 92% of the audience that views a video on their mobiles tend to share the videos with others making it viral. 70% of market experts assert the video on the most powerful medium to attain the highest possible conversion possible.

Creating Animated Videos

Creating animated videos could be a rather complex or a simple task. The complexity of the animated video production rallies majorly on how time and capital one may be interested to invest for the particular task. The misconception that is much needed to be cleared at this point is that the impact that can be created can be as huge even with a free animation maker as with an expensive and purchased solution. The main way to create an exceptional and amazing impacting animated video if you can present the correct message that would connect with the targeted audience via the animated video result to have done the job well. Though, solutions that provide more tools and options would cater to produce higher quality animated videos.

Here are the 5 amazing tools that are popularly used to create animated Videos

  • PowToon

PowToon is truly extraordinary and easy to use animated video tool available. It has made it to the top of the listing for the very reason as it simply delivers quality. A major aspect to why exactly it has grown to be such a popular tool amongst its users. PowToon is a video animation tool surely enables its users to make professional videos in no time for business from any industry. The most convenient feature of it is that it provides a simple but remarkable video creating trait with the drag-and-drop system. The colors from the tool to create animation are quite vibrant and enticing and the design can be relatively easily customized and tailored to the preference and requirement of the business.

  • Animaker

Animaker is an incredible animated video tool that one can exceptionally easily indulge in it by themselves. The tool is amazing in creating videos info-graphics and animation explainer video via the cloud. The tools enable users to present data and statistics in an enthralling manner is a way that the users can easily craft the video to create a memorable animated story. An option that caters for it to grow so found in the market is due to its drag and drop function, sound effects, pre-animated assets, music, and the in-built data that it possesses. All this is shown as an advantage for business to create videos innovatively and quickly.  With the help of the tool Animaker, the video produced would be no longer than the length of 2mins. The best aspect is that businesses can use Animaker for free and then have the option to make a three monthly payment.

  • Animatron

Animatron contributes greatly by allowing the businesses to master the art of professional animation in a relatively short span. The entity is built with excellence while offering two types of pf platforms. One that is “Animatron Studio” and the second plainly known as “Animatron”.  The first platform which is Animatron Studio offers to create effective explainer videos, animatron wave, html5 animations, and banners all best to create social video creation that are specially designed to share across various platforms. While Animatron is much easy to use tool though it is a powerful online animated video maker. As a result, it further enables its users to create exceptionally stunning animation videos.

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