IT for Business: TOP 7 Helpful Apps to Boost Your Business

Being a business person, you may have no time for thinking long on every your step. Sometimes, you have to do several things altogether. Your everyday duties make you feel responsible, busy all the time, depressed when something goes wrong. There is always something uncontrolled in your timeline! Don’t worry! There are hundreds of useful applications that can be your right hand or just assist in doing everything for your business, including making to-do lists to controlling business expenses and car operators in one click.


Where Need Apps in Business?

So, which apps are good for business? Of course, it mostly depends on your sort of business and your own preferences. If you don’t have enough time to manage your day timeline, look through these thematic apps for:

  1. General productivity
  2. Communication
  3. Customer relations
  4. Saving Time
  5. Making payments


Business Apps for Time Saving

If you are busy person, you definitely need something like Rental24 on your smartphone to save your time on driving and city transportation. There are also many different time-saving apps. The most of them can help you to fix where your time is flowing to:


Do you spend much time by surfing social media, like Facebook, Twitter, or doing shopping online? This helpful app counts your time wisely. You can clearly understand what apps make your work less productive. There are even applications that can block special sites for some time. The general version of Rescue is free. Premium version costs you about $10 per month.

Time Log

This funny app helps to divide your day into the periods. You can plan each of this periods and see the results. There are special labels and markers to mark your important meeting or other things you shouldn’t forget about. The report is exported to iPhone or iPad, but it not available for other devices.

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Apps for Team Communication

Team control and communication is very important for a good team work and support. There are many interesting applications that held to get in touch with employees, especially if you are very busy and have no time for sending e-mails.


This app is good for talking, meaning fast questions and getting fast answers your questions. Nothing more, but it is enough to solve the problem, discuss or put a task to your team. It is able to make a channel or individual channels for writing messages or making video conference directly with a person you need: your secretary, clients, and managers. You know that every business, even small, can be divided into many compound parts. So, why don’t you control each niche of your business? The advanced app will cost you about $7 per account annually.


This app is similar to previous one, but shorter and cheaper. You are asked to give about $3-4 per account. Don’t forget that the basic version of this app is free. Stride consists of many rooms for talking, sharing, files, archives. It is easy to use and easy to make a search.

Skype for Business

Skype is popular now. This is a great opportunity to ask about you need, making free video calls or chatting. You can meet with more than 100 people altogether! Using Skype for Business, you should pay about $9 every month. Business Skype can be easily integrated for your business needs.

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Apps for Making and Accepting Payments

Providing payments is an important part of every business. There are many clients who feel more comfortable by paying online. Is it possible to control your money from your phone? No doubts!


This IT innovation is good when you have to make payments or accept them, but your budget is limited for establishing a professional payment program. This helps you to swipe credit cards with the help of uploaded card reader and receive payments. This a unique option as it works without internet connection. Sending bills or checks to your clients is not a problem, you can easily do it even from your home or restaurant! The app is free at the start, but it needs giving about 2% for every transaction.


Who doesn’t know about PayPal? Everyone knows! You can make and receive payments. What is more, you have ability to process invoices, checks, and receive other useful information on your PayPal account. There is one specific feature. You payment cannot be received directly on your bank account. You will receive money on your PayPal account. To get cash or make real money from it, you have to transfer PayPal account to your bank account. As a rule, it takes few days.

Stack Of Cash

Don’t worry about your business. IT world is ready to offer you a lot of interesting helpful applications. You have enough tools to control your business, and everyday life. There is nothing really hard and exhausted to make a week or month plan, hold a meeting, book tickets for your tem, or make a SKYPE conference. IT tools will help you to solve all your business questions easily!

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