What Are The Benefits Of Staff Augmentation?

What Are The Benefits Of Staff Augmentation

It seems that today all organizations worldwide are talking about Nearshoring. Actually, it all comes down to the fact that everyone is trying to do many more things with fewer resources. Nearshoring business models are achieving this combination! Companies today are outsourcing their projects, or sometimes they only outsource some parts of their projects – this allows them to obtain the necessary help in a scalable way while maintaining control.

This seems like a perfect solution. But what if the projects are not considered large enough to consider outsourcing options? Your organization may have an internal software development team, but the help of some additional developers is needed to complement the work team. In this article, staff increase as an option for software development projects.

What is Meant by an Increase in Staff?

The increase in personnel can be defined as an allocation of dedicated technical resources, generally hired as an extension of software and application development teams, this can often help solve some of the following problems at the same time:

  1. You can have the experience that your project needs. That means you don’t have to pay for an expert on your team until you need it. You can hire several generalists and hire a specialist for a fixed period of time and, therefore, reduce costs.
  2. Add people to your team perfectly for certain stages of your project. Adding people to your team can sometimes cause conflicts between teams in an organization. Staff augmentation makes a difference by providing support for a specific period of time.

This business model does not seek in any way to replace your software development team, but to support it in the moments where they most need support. It is also an excellent way to prove what kind of resources and talent are the ones most needed by the software development team.

Different companies specialize in staff augmentation and offer it as a service. In the United States, Vitaver and Associates, Inc. remains a prominent name of a company that offers staffing and recruitment services.

Vitaver and Associates’, Inc. areas of specialization expand to Business Analysis, Enterprise Resource Planning Solution, Project Management, Data Architecture, Database Development, Database Administration, Software Architecture and Programming, and Business Intelligence Development.

The company has a vast portfolio of clients who acquire their managed services, including staff augmentation.

How does Staff Augmentation Work?

The increase in staff (staff augmentation) usually involves hiring a software development company, which is responsible for finding and hiring developers who have the specific skills your work team needs. This means that you can add a small team of developers to your existing team, with exactly the skill set you need. The terms of the contract are usually short to medium term and are usually based on specific projects or needs.

Staff Augmentation Scenarios

You have just signed a new client, but your current staff is already working overtime. Your development work is successful, but you are worried that your customer service will be affected.

An employee with a set of specialized skills has to take an extended leave, and you must replace it while they are away so that the project is kept up to date and can meet its deadlines.

A new customer requires a specialized skill that your team does not currently have. You must add someone to your staff to train your current team and update it with the new technology.

Your company has had trouble hiring the right people for the job, and you need to hire someone temporarily to fill the void.

You know you need to expand your team, but you are not sure how much or in what positions. The increase in staff allows you the opportunity to test your team size and skill levels to see which one is best for you.


If you need additional resources, with specific experience in any subject, or a small work team to join yours in order to help you meet the schedule of a project, or if you are evaluating the size and skill level of your team. Staff augmentation allows you to increase or decrease in a scalable way according to your needs.

Having non-permanent workers from a trusted agency allows you to focus on project management, without having to worry about staffing. Of course, you will have to get involved in some training and in the integration of the team in order to achieve the objectives of your organization’s projects.

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