WhatsApp NEW feature lets you share status on Facebook

WhatsApp NEW feature lets you share status on Facebook
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WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned instant messaging app, has started rolling out a feature for Android users to share their status stories directly on Facebook Story and other applications.

Just like Instagram, the status stories of WhatsApp let users post pictures, text, and videos that disappear after 24 hours on their profile.

WhatsApp has not yet made an official announcement, but this was reported on Twitter by several users. With WhatsApp Calling, Alexa Support, Facebook launches new portal models.

So WhatsApp has a new feature, you can share your story on WhatsApp to Facebook. For me, this is quite interesting, a centralized mode of communicating to various platforms,” posted one user.

The New #WhatsApp update allows you to share your statuses on to your #FacebookStory as well,” wrote another.

WhatsApp NEW feature lets you share status on Facebook
Image Ref: TheIndependent

Tap the Share button to use this feature to show you the applications with which you can share your WhatsApp status. You can share WhatsApp status with Facebook Story by tapping “Share to Facebook Story.”

There was currently no option to automatically share WhatsApp status with another service and the instant messaging app wants the function to be an active user choice.

The roll-out appears to be part of the strategy of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to produce a unified app that combines WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to allow more than 2.6 billion consumers to interact with each other by 2020.

The move could let the social networking giant tout higher user engagement to advertisers, thus, ramping up its advertising division at a time when growth has slowed down.

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