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A Golden Chance to Experience Zong 5G trial at 19th ITCN Asia in Karachi

Zong Pakistan is going to showcase its state-of-the-art 5G network in 19th ITCN event.

After its debut in 2001, Largest annual IT event ITCN Asia is now going to held for the 19th time. The event will be held in Karachi’s Expo Center for 3 days from 17th of Sep to 19th of Sep.

Before 5G will be successfully launched in Pakistan, the ITCN is providing an open opportunity for the public to have hands-on experience on infinite possibilities of 5G and explore technology like never before.

Now, anyone dreaming to test the immense capabilities of 5G will be able to experience the thunder fast speed of 5G Network even before its debut.

Pakistan’s top Data Network provider, Zong 4G, the pioneer of 4G technology in Pakistan, has become the first and only telecom operator to successfully test 5G services.

With the 5G-driven technology revolution in Pakistan, businesses will be better equipped to work on smartphones and other portable devices.

5G technology ensures mobile data speeds that will outperform the fastest home broadband network currently available to consumers. 5G is going to be as much as 100 times faster than the existing 4G network. Low latency is a key differentiator between 4G and 5G.

Supported by China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), and 11,000+ 4G towers and 13 million 4G customers, Zong 4G is already proved to be master in innovation, advanced data, and communication.

Other powerful Tech giants of the world will also disclose their finest products and services at the event, which would allow the consumer community to get exposure to a wide range of technology and intelligent solutions under one roof.

PS:  Latency is the time that passes from the moment information is sent from a device until it can be used by the receiver. Reduced latency means that users would be able to use their mobile device connection as a replica for their cable modem and Wi-Fi. Additionally, they would be able to download and upload files more quickly and easily than ever before, without having to worry about the network suddenly crashing, also they would be able to watch a 4K video without being bothered by annoying buffers.

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