Using the Cloud Safely

The safety of your information online is your responsibility, and it’s recommended that you take appropriate care when selecting any cloud service. Avanan Inc. is a cloud security solution provider with its headquarters in New York. The company’s research and development is in Tel Aviv. The company specializes in cloud security solutions. It was founded in 2014. In 2016, they raised $14.9 million in Series A financing. If you want to ensure that the cloud remains safe, here are a few things that you should know.

  1. Consult a specialist

There are professionals known as Ethical Hackers, who are dedicated to testing vulnerabilities in computer security systems within companies. Many of them are already specially trained in the cloud.

  1. Implement security software

There are countless specialized programs to protect our information; it is worth investing time to choose the best solution. It is also very important to keep it always updated on all the devices of our staff. This will help avoid any security breach.

  1. Limit and classify information

It implements security measures that control who can make use of certain resources. Separates and restricts access to highly sensitive information; grants different privileges, and prevents unauthorized users from reaching this data.

  1. Create strong passwords

Make sure employees use alphanumeric characters to create their passwords. A good idea is to convert vowels to numbers or symbols (A1t0N! V3L). One tip you could give them is not to use common words, or consecutive number series. Also, recommend not to include personal information such as birth dates.

  1. Create cloud security policies

It establishes guidelines; these can be diverse, and will depend on the application or solution chosen. For example, if it is established that it will work with a specific cloud hosting server, (previously selected for its security features), it informs staff that the use of some other platform is not allowed.

Don’t be afraid of the cloud

Companies that have already adopted cloud computing solutions have increased their competitiveness; its employees are more efficient; they have improved their work processes and their relationship with their clients. A cloud tool has multiple benefits, both in terms of costs and productivity. They are even considered the ideal tools for SMEs to access innovative technology worthy of large corporations at a more affordable price.

For example, a software hosted in the cloud can be on-demand, that is, we pay for the license only for the time we need it. The program is downloaded, we install it, and we are ready to use the resources at the moment, no matter where we are. There is no longer waiting for the installation disk to arrive. We also get rid of getting stuck with software that did not give the results that you expected.

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