Google Now: Tomorrow’s Assistant, Now At Your Service


Do you ever wonder how it feels like to be Batman, living an easy day because he has a butler? Well, without the hero responsibility, you can now live like him—well, at least on your Smartphone. The first Smartphone butler was introduced to the world to us by Apple. They called it Siri. Siri operates through voice command which can give you almost any answer to your questions. But then again, Siri can only operate on iOS-enabled platform. How about Android phone users? The answer to that is no other than Google Now.

Google Now: Tomorrow’s Assistant, Now At Your Service

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What Is Google Now?

Definitely, this is Android’s answer to Apple’s Siri. It is a voice-powered search engine that recognizes the human voice. Google Now answers instantly in spoken results—yup, just like a real person. It can also execute commands like opening an application. Google Now can be downloaded and used on any Smartphone that has at least an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher installed in it. You can easily access it from your home icon by simply swiping upwards.

What Can It Help Me With?

Do not underestimate this app since it can help you with your daily movements and suggest things that would be helpful to your every move. Google Now has multiple jobs, if you may. Here are some of its functions:

1.) Map Reader

If you are new in town, Google Now can help you navigate around the area. It can give you directions to where your meeting place will be or find the nearest grocery. It will even tell you the faster route or which is the best street to take when you are running late. Google Now can sometimes be a spoiler that it will tell you which bus or train to take so that you will reach your destination. And if that’s not yet enough, you can ask him which is the best place to have a coffee and be surprised with his suggestions.

2.) Language Translator

You can treat Google Now as your polyglot friend. If you are the kind of person who loves to immerse in a different culture, do not worry anymore about getting lost. This app can save you the trouble of having misunderstandings with people you are talking to or from a foreign land. And even if I’m just at the office and a French client calls my RingCentral line, I don’t need to look for my worn-out English-French dictionary anymore! Google Now tells me what to say, and how to say it!

3.) Weather Man

Tired of going out for picnic only to find out that it will be raining that very day? Surprise surprise! Having Google Now in your phone will save you from that trouble. It will be your weather guide and give you weather details such as temperature, humidity, and other stuff that will help you plan your day out with family and friends.

4.) Sports Buddy

Do you love sports? Is your favorite team playing a game today but cannot watch the game live because of work? Well, Google Now is the answer to this problem. This butler of yours will give you real-time scores and statistics about the league that you are following. May it be the NFL, NBA, or Wimbledon, Google Now will keep you posted about how your team is fairing. Not only it will give you numbers, an in-depth analysis of the game can also be provided by your sports-minded butler.

When Should I Get It?

Google Now has been available to Android users since 2012 though it has only gained popularity lately. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to stressful days and get the Google Now, now!

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