7 Not To Do List While Designing a Website

A person who does not make mistakes does not actually make anything. So is the case with every person, everything and every web design. Yes, you cannot design the best design of your life if you do not make mistakes. Here we will discuss about top 10 mistakes that web designers make but they can fix them. Please have a look:

Complex or Unclear Designs and Navigation

There are a number of websites that you can see, especially the business websites, have a problem where even the simplest task is so complicated that the visitor finds to close the website easier than browsing the website.

If people are mailing you for how to operate your website it is the time to reconsider your website and improve your layouts and navigation. If you find certain tasks that people want to do more often you can put them on front page.

Unclear Linking

If you think that when people put their mouse on any of the link in your page and the colour of the link should not get changed then you are wrong. It looks really nice when people hover over the link and the colour change making it sure that their lies a link. User can clearly contrast the colors for links. Designers can also underline them making a clear vision about the links.

Too Many Ads

When you are trying to make money from your website it is necessary to put some useful ads on your website. But if you place ads more than required then you are putting your website in danger. It won’t be a good design and it will create a mess on your website’s page. It is better that you should go for putting less advertisements on your website.

Plug-in Overload

You have to make sure that when you are using the plug-ins, you have to use them to maximum of one page. This means that if you have got a flash, then you cannot have the media player or if you are using the Java script you cannot have the flash. However, it is not bad to use the same plug-in twice.

Strange Fonts

Do not use uncommon fonts. Search the web and look for the most common fonts that people have generally used in their websites like Georgia, Tahoma, Verdana, Arial etc. If you make use of more obscure fonts then most of your visitors won’t be able to get them easily. If by luck someone stayed on your website then they won’t be able to read your text. The only place where you can use these non-standard fonts is with your images, logos, headings etc.

Flash introductions

The time has renewed itself and now nobody make use of Flash animations for introducing themselves online. You would think that everyone would realize that these flashes are a bad idea by now, but web designer still get some clients that ask for Flash intros because they do not know that these are universally mocked and hated. Do not try to be one of them.

Badly-sized Text

It is very important to know that you should keep your text of a standard size. Making your text too big or too small will make it look very strange and will annoy your users too. The best thing that you can do is using relative text sizing that will allow your browser to respect the user’s preferred text size.

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