EU member state launched 5G using Huawei equipment

EU member state launched 5G using Huawei equipment

Fake it till you make it is, USA’s decades’ old strategy. May it be so-called moon landing or innovation in technology, The United States just cannot stand the competition.  Since 5G is considered the new game changer, America just cannot let anyone take the lead. Belt and Road initiative is threatening enough from China, the USA cannot let its technological edge slip away into its competitor’s hands.

Whilst the USA is playing every possible card in the name of national security, Huawei is penetrating its way in the market. The USA bashed Huawei for installing backdoors, giving access to Beijing for espionage on global devices. Huawei vehemently denies any ties with the Government at home.

The USA involved its European allies to do its bidding. Canada arrested Huawei’s CEO in espionage charges while the USA imposed sanction on the company. Yet, regardless of US pressure, Vodafone launched the first commercial 5G network in 15 cities of Spain including Madrid and Barcelona. Company’s CEO slammed USA’s pressure stating that serving the customer is the company’s first priority.

“Ditching Huawei will delay the delivery of 5G for TWO years.” Vodafone CEO

Huawei has filed a case against USA’s sanction but in case of failure, there is a plan B, already in action.  According to the Business Times, the company is ready to ship around 225 million devices, equipped with its own Hongmeng and Ark operating systems by October 2019. Rosenblatt Securities reported that Huawei has already shipped around 1 million devices. Hongmeng Operating System is equipped to entertain all android devices and ensure security functionalities to maximize protection of its user’s data. Anyhow, the flagship devices will have to wait as Huawei’s OS does not have a wide app ecosystem. Huawei was building its OS since 2012, and according to Huawei’s Richard Yu HongMeng is ready to get installed in all devices.

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