Tension escalating in Middle East: USA is pouring military muscles in the region

Tension escalating in Middle East: USA is pouring military muscles in the region

America has a long history of false flags and fabricated warfare. But will it be easy to fool the international media once again? Amid to Iran threat, USA is sending troops, patriots, artillery, spies and engineers to the middle east, pilling up the resources close to Iran’s border.

On Friday, Acting Defense Secretary of the state, Patrick Shanahan outlined the deployment, which he said will include 1,500 troops, a Patriot missile battalion, combat, and reconnaissance aircraft, as well as intelligence assets. Last month, an Aircraft carrier was deployed in the Gulf, along with heavy bombers and other military assets.

600 battalions are already in the Middle East, with 900 new to join. Officials from Pentagon has said that this move is more of a response for Iran’s campaign against USA’s interest in the region. On the call of UAE, United States of America accused Iran of a recent attack on tanker vessels at the port in the UAE.

Rear Admiral Michael Gilday, the director of the Joint Staff, said at a Pentagon news briefing Friday
“The attack against the shipping in Fujairah we attribute it to the IRGC (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps),”
The IRGC happens to be Iran’s elite force, which the USA declared a terrorist organization.

Here it is important to mention, that in spite of previous wars and grievances, Iraq refused any support to the USA against Iran. Whereas Saudi Arabia and UAE have rigid views against Iran.

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