4 Travel Gadgets to Try on Your Next Holiday

A good book, new clothes and a tablet tend to be the essentials for your summer holiday, but trying out some of the latest travel gadgets might make your next getaway much more enjoyable. With gadgets designed to make your trip safer, remove risk and add some comfort to it, here are 4 of the latest travel gadgets to try on your next holiday.


Travel Pillow

While most travel pillows are just mini pillows, which are still too big to take away half of the time, some companies are created something with more value. The Trtl travel pillow is a lightweight and small comfort that is engineered to give you better rest. With neck head and back support scientifically designed to offer you comfort when sleeping in an upright position. It’s rare you find a comfy travel pillow and the longer flights do need them, this is something that receives amazing reviews and follows up on its technology.


Digital Locks

Padlocks are something people feel more comfortable in a foreign country with, whether you use one for your main suitcase during a flight or for a backpack when travelling around the city. But people often lose the keys for them or forget the passcodes to unlock them, but can you name someone you don’t go anywhere without your phone. Digital locks are controlled with an app and Bluetooth on your phone, which makes your life a lot easier when going long durations without needing to use the lock.


Sandless Beach Mat

It doesn’t sound possible, but a sandless beach mat is now available for all your sunbathing, picnic and lounging needs! The C-Gear Original Sand-Free Mat is the perfect accessory for any beach holiday, despite its original design being for military purposes. So no more sticky sand getting on you after a dip in the water, it doesn’t sound possible, but it’s something worth trying.


Smallest Automated Travel Vacuum

VAGO has design one of the most useful pieces of technology for travelling. Too often do people find themselves lacking space in their suitcase and struggling for room on the way back when traveling with some gifts. This travel vacuum sucks the air out of your suitcase and makes your clothing take up half the space they were originally using, which means you have much more space and don’t have to worry about paying for additional luggage during flights.

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