China grants first 5G license for commercial purpose

China grants first 5G license for commercial purpose

China takes a massive step to lead the tech generation by granting the 5G license, amid the US tension. As per the official announcement, the license has been granted to four local companies. 5G is the next-generation cellular network that offers faster data transfer speed and could enhance technologies such as autonomous driving, remote medical diagnosis, and mobile payments. Under the license, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicorn, and China Broadcasting Network cooperation will be allowed to operate the services.

Smartphone manufacturers and chip makers including Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung are also gearing up for the last couple of months to bring 5G into their handsets. On the other hand, web giant Tencent has been unobtrusively trying cloud-based amusements with Intel, and Netflix-like iQiyi has held hands with China Unicom to make computer-generated reality items, speaking to only two of the numerous applications that depend on 5G-empowered low idleness and higher transmission capacity to work.

China is positive to welcome foreign companies to actively participate in the 5G market and share their achievements. Huawei has already signed a deal with a Russian telecom company to develop a 5G network in the country over next year. It has also signed a draft agreement with the African Union that includes cooperation in 5G communications.

The US has been very upset with this Chinese advancement and it has adversely affected the trade relations between China and the US. Since a while, the trade war between the two countries is getting worse day by day. Apart from the increasing tariffs on Chinese commodities, US also halted the trade of telecom companies with China. The restrictions took another level when Google announced to cut off Andriod support to Huawei. The US claimed that the 5G poses strong threats to the national security of the country and the service could be used by Chinese intelligence services.

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