British Airways look forward to broaden the flight operation with Pakistan

British Airways look forward to broaden the flight operation with Pakistan

British Airways (BA) has recently reopened its flight operations with Pakistan after a gap of over a decade. With this encouraging advancement, the country is much hope to get one step closer to the dreams which PM Khan had promised.

Chief Commercial Officer of BA Andrew Brem commented on this affair positively and added that the airline looks forward to broadening the flight operations further and operate from multiple cities. According to Brem, the airline anticipates providing even better facilities to travelers from Pakistan to enhance their experience. The airline has already announced to provide halal food options during the flight, whereas Urdu speaking staff might also be added on these flights. Brem also claimed the revival of the flight operations as a huge accomplishment.

Commerce Adviser to PM, Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood expressed his joy on the pleasing remarks by the CCO of BA. He was positive to witness this event and hoped that this change would create harmony among the two countries and would also encourage the trade.

Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar also shared a few words on the event. He briefed that government paid special attention to upgrade the security situation to satisfy the related concerns of the airline. He also shared the government’s desire to turn Islamabad International Airport into a regional hub.

Apart from the above, the timing of the resumption is also believed to be very crucial, as the Cricket World Cup has also started in England and Wales. Cricket enthusiasts can enjoy direct flights to reach the destination and watch their team play.

The initiative by British Airways is indeed a constructive gesture, which validates the efforts of the incumbent government to push the country on the right track of growth. It will also help to build the confidence of other international airlines to start their operations with Pakistan. The sprouting trust of international markets in Pakistan does not only attract the aviation sector, but it also inspires other foreign sectors to avail the fruitful investment opportunities.

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