The decline of Facebook organic reach: Learn to adjust with the new algorithm

The decline of Facebook organic reach: Learn to adjust with the new algorithm

Recently, Facebook has been concerned about deeply addressing the privacy issues of its users who are experiencing the misuse of data on their News Feed. According to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is losing its purpose by focusing more on content from pages and fewer updates from a user’s friends or family.

According to a private Facebook Webinar hosted in January 2018, Facebook will focus more on boosting meaningful interactions by limiting the content reach and targeting specific audience only.

The decline of Organic Reach on Facebook

Organic reach refers to the generation of content leads with unpaid content on pages. There are two possible answers as to why organic reach is declining?

The first answer is based on the fact that Facebook has become more like a selling market due to the increasing trend of sharing more and more content. It was initially meant to share real-life experiences and to celebrate moments of life with family and friends but now all seem to lose their value on Facebook.

In addition, the competition is increasing between the businesses and it’s becoming harder for family and friends to interact as they are busy liking more pages.

The second answer involves the relevancy of the News Feed. More than 1500+ stories are shared by businesses but only a few reach out to the target audience.

Facebook wants to prioritize its News Feed and the target audience while keeping its real touch for family and friends too. This is the reason why it’s getting difficult to reach out the users organically.

Not only Facebook but several other marketing platforms are following the same strategy, but recently they all are making changes to improve the system by offering people a more engaging experience just like Facebook.

The Facebook authorities have also confirmed that money is not the goal. The goal is to provide a better experience to people and to benefit the businesses by reaching out to the specific audience only.

While Organic content still holds some value for Facebook Pages but it is unpredictable and hardly corresponds with the goals of the business. However, Pages that publish valuable or entertaining content can still reach out to people in the News Feed.

Facebook Algorithm

Facebook is a really effective platform for businesses to accomplish their goals. The paid media on Facebook receives more recognition and allows businesses to reach out to broader audiences.

Facebook has over two billion active users and more than a billion active users on Instagram, it won’t be surprising to say that Facebook is an ideal platform to reach the target market with the implementation of appropriate strategies.

Though Facebook’s algorithm works faster it is equally essential to provide meaningful content and not just engage people as bait only.

The Facebook Algorithm was pretty basic back in 2006 after the launch of Facebook. There was hardly any concept about promoting the content through social media platforms except for advertisements. The Algorithm evolved over the years.

The Facebook algorithm is a type of machine learning which is based on creating and surfacing content according to the user preferences on the News Feed.

Changes made on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook’s new ad policy

Now people would be able to see why they are being targeted by specific ads through the announcement of Facebook’s new ad disclosure feature. With the information, users would be able to remove any unwanted ads on their News Feed.

List of included ads banned words

Facebook has successfully managed to ban specific keywords and phrases. Now the audiences would see a more refined list of ads. However, some words might be tricky but they could always be reported.

More Focus on Friends, Family, and Groups

The Users’ News Feed would focus more on friends, family, and groups. The users would be experiencing more updates and friendly reminders from Facebook.

Inauthentic content

Now, purchased likes and unbiased practices would reportedly be turned down by Facebook to make it a more secure place for all its users.

Instagram Stories

The businesses and Users would be able to share videos through Instagram Stories. This would enable them to promote the content and attract the attention of the users on Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook’s new Live Feature

Facebook new features will allow businesses and page members to go live and interact with the audience. Now the business platforms can easily share updates and information about their current offerings to their target audiences.

Job Portal

The platform released a job portal to help the business owners and the job seekers to connect with each other

More interactive Ads

Augmented and playable ads would allow the customers to interact more with the ads and get more insights about the ad.

More User Security and Copyrights

Facebook will straight away block all the content if it’s copied or used without any permission rights. Now the business owners would be more careful when placing videos or images on Facebook and focusing more on to develop genuine content.

Page Recommendations

Now the audiences could easily reach out to pages through page recommendations by the people on Facebook. It simply works by asking about recommendations on groups and pages from different users.

Consistency is the Key

Based on consistency, businesses and pages will get more priority with the new Facebook Algorithm. This doesn’t mean that posting 10 times a day would generate more audience but it’s more like posting the relevant content frequently.

Video Creation Kit

Facebook recently launched this option which could help the businesses and the audiences to turn their images into videos or even convert them into a slide show. The video kit comes with different features and interactive designs to choose from.

Live Video on Instagram

This feature works the same as facebook except it’s on Instagram too. Since Instagram has more than a billion followers, it helps them to connect with more audience.

Push Notifications

This button will enable the business owners to receive notifications about their other accounts and updates.

Favorite Filters

With new and improved filters, managing Instagram will be easy for the audiences and the owners as it gives a consistent look.

Geo-tagged Content

This unique feature would be extremely valuable. Using Geo-tagged content would help in locating the nearby and exact location based on images and other stuff

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

The users would be able to manage multiple accounts for more efficient business and marketing purposes. This is also beneficial for brands to post different content on different accounts and manage them effectively. A maximum user can add up to more accounts.

Activity Status Tracker

Users can now turn off the Activity status to maintain their privacy.


IGTV is an application operated within Instagram that enables the users to share videos that are up to an hour long with the advantage of being notified about the video sharing by others.

Emoji Polls

Marketers would be able to receive user ratings on different products through the emoji slider polls which would enable the audience to express like or dislike by using emojis.

Developers Can Create AR Effects

This is a unique and recent addition to Instagram which would enable the developers to create filters like Snapchat by partnering up with different brands and branding them through this feature.

Learn to Adjust with the New Algorithm

These guidelines could be very effective to adjust with the New Algorithm and also generate Organic Reach.

Meaningful Interactions

Interact more with customers and be responsive to reach out to the target audience. It’s definitely tough but requires an active presence and unique approach to indulge the people.

Choose Quality over Quantity

Keep the content short and unique. Try to appeal the audience by choosing qualitative content so more and more users could share them on their News Feed and increase the reachability of the post.

Unique Marketing Strategy

Create a unique marketing strategy to support the goals of the page so users could genuinely approach the page without the need to approach them through paid content.

Get more exposure to the content

Many businesses promote their products and brands by using Facebook for marketing purpose but due to lack of knowledge and exposure, they quit using it. Getting exposure is only possible if the audience finds the content relatable and interesting.

Create a Win-Win Situation

Allow users to participle in contests to earn free Giveaways. This way the audiences would find them engaging with the page and try to be more responsive towards it.

Grab attention by Unique Captions

Try adding meaningful captions that could create an impact on the users and their minds as many people watch Facebook videos without the background sound.

Wrapping Up

Facebook has definitely become a powerful platform to provide the best user experience with time. It has been living up to the expectations of the people for years now and always trying to improve its existence by updating with the current trends.

Many successful brands like Cadbury sill depend on Facebook organic reach. However, many businesses suffer to create a good marketing strategy to promote their business. To see the effective results, they put their efforts to create engaging content and target a maximum number of audiences on their pages to generate sales leads.

These tips could really help the audiences and businesses in adjusting and understanding the new Facebook Algorithm or building a loyal team of fans on Facebook for their page.



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