ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Schedule and Venues

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Schedule and Venues

Cricket World Cup 2019 is around the corner and fans of Cricket are going crazy about it with match predictions to the title predictions, rights and wrongs of squad selections and so on. ICC has officially disclosed the World Cup Schedule.

Each time has worked really hard to overcome their lacking and build a strong side for the World Cup as this time the World Cup is happening in the Global hub of Cricket, England.

Unlike India, where the Indian team gets a certain advantage of batting tracks and having a strong batting side, England Pitches offer a different story altogether. It offers an equal opportunity to guests and host.

This time, Cricket World Cup is following an old format where each team will play against all other teams and in order to qualify, the team has to be among the top teams of the table.

The following link has the PDF format of World Cup Schedule for your ease.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019-England and Wales Schedule

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