Heartbroken Asma Aziz demands justice for suffering humiliation

Heartbroken Asma Aziz demands justice for suffering humiliation from the hands of her own husband Faisal

Everybody is familiar with the news circulating over the social media about the incident that occurred on Wednesday. In a recent video Asma Aziz, the woman who suffered derogatory and humiliation described how her husband Faisal and his friend forcefully shaved her head after she refused to dance in front of her husband’s friends.

The victim’s husband and an accomplice are now in custody but this whole scenario has truly left Asma heartbroken who claims that she had married her husband because of love.

This has left many people in a state of shock while doubting the authenticity of such love marriages.

Marriage is all about supporting your partner during the hardest times of life however, this isn’t the case with young Asma. Now, she demands justice from higher authorities of Pakistan and appeals them to take strict action against the culprits so that no woman in Pakistan or in any other part of the world has to suffer from such tragic incident.

While Asma is facing a difficult situation already, many women are actually praying for her health and speedy recovery.


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