Soundtrack for HBO Documentary will be written by Ali Sethi and Lana Del Ray

Soundtrack for HBO Documentary will be written by Ali Sethi and Lana Del Ray

Ali Sethi is washing in the spotlight with Chandni Raat. Presently the vocalist will combine sounds with International love number songstress Lana Del Rey.

Ali is highlighted on the soundtrack of HBO’s narrative The Case Against Adnan Syed nearby worldwide stars like Lana Del Rey and Nick Cave.

Ali Sethi broke the news on Instagram. The Harvard graduate clarified how he was marked on for the soundtrack. He additionally clarified how the Pakistani-American legal counselor Rabia Chaudhry was moved by Sethi’s front of Umraan Langiyaan while chipping away at Adnan Syed’s case.

Lana Del Rey Fans Rejoice!

You don’t know love whether you haven’t known about Lana Del Rey. The songstress is renowned for her adoration anthems. She thinks of her melodies on topics like the terrible sentiment, ethereal love and sprinkles it with popular culture references.

Nick is an Australian artist. The vocalist musician produces music on topics with a passionate force like religion, love, and savagery.

We can hear these staggering three artists when The Case Against Adnan Syed debuts on March tenth, 2019.

Ali Sethi is Winning It

Coke Studio acquainted the world with Ali Sethi in 2015. The vocalist had us stricken when he sang the two-part harmony Umran Langiyaan with Nabeel Shaukat Ali.

From that point forward, Tinak Dhin Na added to the Sethi fever. He turned into a Pakistani top choice. Before long a short time later his interpretation of OST Mohabbat Karnay Walay was blasting out of each stereo and on TV. Mohabbat Karnay Walay is included in the TV dramatization arrangement Teri Raza.

His latest single Chandni Raat had the world lounging in the twilight longing for the ‘Chand’ that we don’t have.

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