Six Pack of Abs in 60 Minutes? How Tech is Changing the Fitness Game

Technology is taking over in every element of our lives, and our fitness regime is certainly not one to miss out. Many believe that modern technology can make us lazier, yet these technologies are helping to improve fitness in a wide range of ways. Our everyday realities are being shifted by tech companies new inventions, and these small shifts are making substantial transformations to the industry as a whole.


Fitness Apps

There are so many options on the market for fitness apps, with a range of training, calorie counting or fitness plan apps dominating the app store. Some are free, and some require a subscription, however you are sure to find an app to fit you as well as your budget. If you are wanting to take control of your diet, you can track your macros and keep control of what you’re eating, as well as receiving tips about how to improve your diet overall. Many fitness stars have released their own apps, offering people the opportunity to follow their fitness plans to achieve results. The more expensive apps offer specialist services, providing you with specific exercises, and at the end of the workout you receive a colour coded diagram showing you the muscles you have worked well and what you have missed, enabling you to equally target all muscle groups.


New Machinery

Although workout machines may not initially be thought of as technology, they are certainly enhancing human activity and moving away from more traditional machines. These high tech solutions are increasingly effective in providing targeted workouts. For example, new fitness bikes have screens streaming popular spinning classes from around the world, which can be done in your own home, or skipping ropes that display stats mid-air to help you with a killer cardio workout. These developments are sure to continue into the future as fitness is constantly evolving.


Embodying Technology

Although wearables such as fitness watches are not necessarily new technologies, there has been a proliferation in the amount of people wearing them in the last few years. These watches can track your calories, monitor your distance travelled and track your heartbeat to name a few of the features. They then provide you with feedback, often linked to an app on your phone. The effects can be extremely positive, with people being encouraged to up their steps, and if you’re super competitive, you may end up in a competition with yourself! The information provided enables you to improve workouts and performance in the future.


Non-Surgical Treatments

With the newest technologies, it isn’t completely essential to step into the gym to get a six pack! Choose a reputable aesthetic clinic that offers clinically proven treatments which simultaneously burn fat and build muscle. Requiring no recovery time, this is certainly a better option for most people compared to surgery. Now this option won’t be cheap, but if you are short on time and not on money then this treatment can do 20,000 sit up or squats for you in 30 minutes! Now, unless you have an awful lot of energy, it’s likely you probably can’t do quite as many on your own…


The Power of Social Media

Being part of a fitness community is usually likely to keep people committed and engaged, and social media has made this all the more possible. There is a huge fitness community on social media, full of support, workout ideas and meal plans, with people encouraging each other to become better versions of themselves. As well as this, social media gives space to advertise structured fitness programmes such as mud runs or group exercise. This is also a great opportunity to increase your circle and connect with like minded people!


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