Grand Canyon is considered to be a place that impresses you much. This territory is huge and very beautiful. The happy tourists from all over the country and abroad come here to spend time on nature. Often, people feel really disappointed because they had no idea about the Canyon’s width and weather conditions. That’s why, planning a trip to Nevada, it is better to plan everything in details. Here you can find a lot of useful tips about transportation and hidden rocks you can face with on your way. Keep reading!

How to Get to Grand Canyon?

Use Google Maps and see where this place is situated. You definitely need a car to get there! Anyway, this place is comfortably located not far from the main city airports. A comfortable app Rental24h has many different variants to rent a car on your location. You can organize a trip to any destination and make as much stops on your way as you want. Of course, don’t forget to explore Vegas first!

The Grand Canyon


Why Need Car?

If you are going to cross the state in search of Grand Canyon and other places like that, you should think of renting a car. Why? It makes your transportation easier and more comfortable. Anyway, there is any other possible way to get to the Canyon but using car. Your way will be full of interests. Don’t forget to stop and take pictures.

  1. Places You Can’t Visit Without Car

Every time you badly need to enjoy your time far from the crowded cities, you have to use a car and go traveling! Only car can take you far-far from the city to Grand Canyon and other interesting places. It is absolutely impossible to get there without a good car!


This popular place is situated on the South. It covers a territory for about 23 miles and even more. You can drive your car from side to side and stop every time you want to admire the river views! You can find picnic tables, and even special street cafes aside the road to satisfy the needs of visitors. This route is available the year round.


If you are traveling through the country, you have to visit Sedona. It takes you a couple of hours to go to the South to see this green desert city. You will be surprised how much they have. You can see many different shops and markets, such exiting attractions as rafting, cycling, hiking, and amazing desert views!

Here must be your favorite place to visit…

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  1. Comfort

Public transport in Las Vegas is very different. But there is nothing better than a comfortable car at a hot weather. It’s really comfortable. You don’t have to look for a bus stop, wait in a line to catch taxi. Also, there are many interesting places around the city you cannot reach by bus or any other public transport. It’s not a problem to pick a car that is good at price and size.

  1. Freedom

Having a car mean that you have absolute freedom. You can go whenever you want and take as much friends with you as you want. You can make stops on the go and change your traveling route according to your personal needs. Do you want to visit Grand Canyon? Do you want to cross the Stripe? Forget about taxi! Just rent a car.

  1. Privacy

If you want to relax and have a good time with your friends in Vegas, just rent a car and TAKE SOME PRIVACY. It’s impossible to travel in comfort in a stuffy bus or train. Even taxi cannot make you feel safe and comfortable. In your car you can listen to music, snack, sing, take audio lessons, talk to friends or to yourself.



  1. Competitive Prices

What about prices for a car rental? Of course, Vegas is a very popular city to visit. Do you think your chances to get a cheap car are low? Everything is possible with a car rental app. You don’t need to make Google search and spend long hours by reading informational posts. Just ask your mobile app about it. You will receive all available rental services on your location, cars and prices.

  1. Las Vegas as Start Point

No doubts, Las Vegas is the best start point to start your trip through Nevada. Also, this is the best place to rent a car just in the airport. There are many beautiful parks, nature attractions, shops, and restaurants around and you shouldn’t waste your time for a car search.

The Fremont Experience, Las Vegas


  1. Thematic Trip

Do you think you’ve seen everything you could in Vegas? You are wrong! You didn’t try a thematic trip yet. It’s very popular in Vegas to rent a vintage car to ride over the city. You can rent any other brand car for an hour or several hours. Just enjoy it and feel the city with its bright lights.

Bellboy "Park my car"


Las Vegas destination offers a lot of interesting places to visit. That’s why it is called the best world attraction! Of course, you have to catch your luck and play casino. But don’t stay at one place for long. Nevada is rich in attractions. So, just take a car and go whenever you wish for. Don’t worry! If you want to make a stop at the casino, you can use parking service!

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