What To Do If Your iPhone is Dead or Broke?

How To Sell Off Your Dead or Broke iPhone?

Apple has made headlines recently by accomplishing a task no thought possible. It is the only brand in history to reach the net worth of one trillion dollars. Every shareholder wants a piece of Apple stock and every gadget or electronics user wants a piece of the latest iPhone tech. The sleek design and handy features of the iPhone don’t come without its fair share of problems though since more than a few months ago Apple did take a huge hit with the iPhone X series upon which it had to halt the entire production line. So now Apple fans like me are left the dilemma of how to get rid of our old and used Apple products including iPhone and MacBook; since the organization is gearing up to deliver its gadgets and accompanying upgrades at a much faster rate and if you are tech nerd like me, I’m guessing you would want to keep up.

I have tried the mobile stores and marketplace to test my salesman skills but I just can’t cut it. You have to know how to navigate people because let me tell you something – the only real difference in what your selling and what other people are buying is the quality of your device. They will scan the electronic from top to bottom and still try to get the best bargain out of it even if it is in mint condition; my cellphones usually are. Let’s face if I was buying I would probably do the same thing too. Logistics is another problem you will have to deal with because unless you pay someone a nice some you are going to have to haul that Mac desktop yourself and even bring it back if you don’t hit a sale.

This was before I came across Lifewire.com piece on the list of companies that actually buy your used and messed up electronics and actually pay you any money that you’re banged up gadget is worth. One site that I really clung to was Igotoffer.com because it specializes in all things Apple. Whether you’ve got an iPhone, iPod or Apple watch the service will cater to you and it was exactly what I was looking for to drop my troublesome and fruitless journeys to the buyer’s store.

So Igotoffer.com has service that first and obviously asks you whether you would like to drop off your device or pay some menial amount to have it picked up. I got it picked up of course, straight from my place and got a receipt.

They then started the evaluation and picked apart my iPhone 7 plus bit by bit and honestly that was kind of hut wrenching but I did appreciate that through that lengthy process they did keep me informed. After 2 days they told me iPhone was in pristine condition and that I would only have to pay 123 buck on top to get a brand new iPhone 8 Plus, and now I have this beautiful sparkly new iPhone 8 without any annoyance and complete satisfaction. I will probably be making my next Mac exchange at Igotoffer.com as well.

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