Travel Bag: TOP GADGETS For You To Stay Healthy ON THE GO

If you are fond of traveling, you are under the pressure all the time. Of course, traveler’s life becomes easier day by day. There are many helpful gadgets and applications that are specially designed to improve your traveling conditions. Thus, it is enough to book a car online and take in at the car rental center at Miami airport, or whenever you go with no lines and overpaying. The same story is about booking a hotel or nearest restaurant. You shouldn’t run over here and there in the unknown city in search of the best place for dinner.

Anyway, traveling can be a big stress for you, especially if your smartphone is dead and you city is not available. Don’t worry! There are special gadgets that are predicted to better your life while traveling, whenever you go.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Gear Fit smartwatch

Misfit Shine Tracker

Using fitness tracker becomes popular today. You can find interesting and stylish trackers from Nike, Fitbit and other sport companies. They help you to move and stay in fit on holidays, in an office, while traveling. Look! Misfit Shine tracker is ready to impress you with interesting design and ability to wear it as a bracelet, wristband, or pendant. What is more, the tracker is waterproof, so, you can wear it deep in the ocean when diving or even in the shower.

SteriPen Purifier

If you are traveling abroad, you should take care about your health, especially about taking enough water. There is a special gadget to check the quality of your water. What a small size it has! You can even put it into the bottle of water. How does it work? Everything is simple. The gadget uses UV light to disinfect water. Factually, this small machine is able to clean about 16 ounces of water for 50 seconds only. You should try SteriPen. You can charge it from any USB device you have near at hand. It also works good against the water grounds and dregs.

Portative Humidifier

Dry air is not very good for your health. You can feel it in the hotels, shops, even in the plain. Why don’t you use a pocket humidifier that you can easily carry in your hand bag or even pocket? This portative gadget is connected with a bottle of water or any other reservoir and USB port. Its main task is filling your room with a fresh cool fog.

white essential oil diffuser on table with brick background

Lumo Lift

You sped the half of your day by sitting. You should sit at the airport, waiting for your flight. Also, you sit in a taxi or bus, you sit even during the business meeting and lunch. It is not good for your health, isn’t it? You may use Lumo Lift – your personal trainer in correct posture and activity. This small helper can count your steps, destination, calories, check your results. It picks the best posing that is comfortable, healthy, and fits your body the most.

Netamo Bracelet

Health protection is always needed. Meet Netamo bracelet! This unique gadget is very helpful when you are on the go and have to spend the most of the time outside. You will never be burnt! Your skin will always look healthy and natural. Besides, the bracelet is specially design to be close to your individual style. It fits you and informs about your skin condition. Of course, you have to connect your device with a special mobile app. You will receive messages from your skin protector about temperature, SPF level.

Garmin Smartwatch


Accumulator Skipping Rope

Your body needs fitness! You go hiking, cycling. You also go through the city looking for the most interesting places. Sometimes, it is impossible to get fit while traveling, especially if you stay in the hotel with no fitness center. Of course, you cannot take any of all possible body-builders with you. They are big is size and heavy. Why don’t you use a skipping rope? The gadget consists of two handles. There is a small in-built system inside that is able to control your jumping activity, your height and weight, count calories.

ThermalStrike Heated Luggage

You like traveling and often go through the unknown places. Sometimes, you have to take the cheapest available room in the hotel. You don’t know what insects, harmful bacteria are in your luggage after that. There is a way out. You can ThermalStrike. This is a kind of heater that heats your luggage up to 120 F to kill all harmful organisms. You can regulate temperature and use timer. Your luggage is in safe now.

No aeroporto de Cumbica

Going to somewhere far, don’t forget to take care of your health. Don’t forget to pack something for relaxation. How about SleepPhones? It often happens that environment annoys you a lot. You need some space to stay alone and sleep. SleepPhones solve this problem easily. You can use them to sleep listening to your favorite music or just think about something important. This gadget is especially good for long flights and train rides. What is your favorite gadget that helps to stay healthy?

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