Why you need to Monitor your SEO Health

SEO analysis

The search engine optimization (SEO) health has a great impact on the performance of your website. The visibility and ranking of your website depend on the SEO of your site. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the SEO health of your website to measure its performance on search engines.

This post explains the top reasons why you need to monitor the SEO health of your website regularly.

Ranking of your website

The SEO ranking is the most critical factor in measuring the performance of your site.  SEO ranking is the position of your website on the search engine result pages (SERP). If your site is not visible on the first page of search results you need to work on your SEO.

Organic traffic

SEO analysis

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The SEO analysis provides you with the insight of your organic traffic on your website. It’s important to track the total organic traffic of your website to know how many people are visiting your site from appearing in the search engine results pages (SERPs) without any paid advertisement or backlinks. You can subscribe to a quick SEO plan to improve the organic traffic on your website.

User experience

The user experience of the visitors on your website depends on its SEO health. If users find it difficult to navigate your site, or experience the slow pages or broken links frequently, it will negatively affect the SEO health of your website, and it’s ranking on search engines. The SEO metrics tell you about the user experience on your website.

Social media engagement

SEO analysis

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The SEO health of your website also shows your social media following. The social media following does not directly affect your SEO health. But a healthy following indicates a strong social media engagement and good traffic which is the aim of your SEO strategy. Therefore, you can have an idea of your social media following from your websites SEO health.

Click-through rate (CTR)

Monitoring your SEO health tells you the click-through rate (CTR) of the pages on your website. Your Google analytics report shows the average percentage of visitors that click on any of your links after seeing it on the search engine page results. The percentage is called the click-through rate (CTR). It is important to pay attention to the CTR as it tells you more than just how well your webpages rank in the search results and how much your content is liked by the visitors.


SEO analysis

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Keywords are a vital part of your SEO strategy. The SEO health tells you about how well your keywords are working to rank your website. Using a tool like SEM rush, you will be able to monitor the success of your keyword strategy. If your keywords are not working to rank your website in the top search results, you should make changes in them or search for the keywords that your competitors are using. A monthly SEO monitoring plan will help you track the keyword ranking of your website.


Whether your pages appear in the search results or not depends on their indexing. A webpage will not appear in the search results if it is not indexed. It is important to index all the pages on your website so that they appear when a visitor searches for a related keyword. Also, the number of indexed pages relative to the number of submitted pages is important. If the percentages of your indexed pages are small, you should request the indexing of pages manually via the Google search console.

Final words

Monitoring the SEO results is essential to know how well your SEO strategy is working. Your website ranking and Google analytics provides you with the most important insights. A monthly SEO maintenance plan can help you analyze and improve the performance of your website and SEO strategy.

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