Well Targeted SEO Campaigns For B2B and B2C Companies

Well Targeted SEO Campaigns For B2B and B2C Companies

Regardless of the type of your company, the goal of your SEO project is to generate traffic, enhance revenue and increase sales. However, you should know about the difference of B2C and B2B approaches in SEO campaign. There are a number of changes that you need to be aware of. As an example, the marketing campaign goals for B2B and B2C companies are different. Especially, both companies have different types of consumers, so there could be a number of differences that you need to know about. If you have a B2C company, which delivers products and services to end users, you should make sure that your advertising messages are appropriate for them. It means that your messages should be simple and easy to understand.

On the other hand, B2B companies sell products, software, services and various intangible solutions that are intended for other businesses. Products may include raw materials and large industrial machines. If you have this type of company, it is preferable to provide more technical description, because these people are knowledgeable enough to operate and work with your sophisticated products and services. Regardless of the type of your consumer, you should make sure that your website has an excellent online visibility and they can find your website easily. Once they enter your website, you should make sure that they fully understand all of your messages. In the ends, you will get more leads, bigger market share, excellent brand awareness and increased sales.

Your SEO campaign should be timely, realistic, achievable, measurable and specific. You should use the right keywords as the starting point. It is critical if you are able to decide the target keywords. As an example, B2B audience is looking for proper expertise in the industry. So, you need to provide information, such as specifications, performance indicators, features, ROI, values, benefits, cost of running and maintenance details. You should make sure that B2B consumers are able to understand the search terms thoroughly and they need to be placed in the right buying cycles. On the other hand, B2C consumers have a different idea of what they need. You should use keywords that are generic. However, generic keywords are often highly competitive and it is difficult for you to rank well in a short time.

So, it is better, if generic keywords for B2C consumers are added with additional keywords, such as geographic locations, color, shape and others. This is called long tail keywords and often used to help you to compete better, due to the reduced level of competition. However, you should still need to provide all the necessary details like, maintenance, efficiency and performance. You should make sure that you fully understand the full intention of the purchasers. The right kind of content strategy is also needed and you need to be able to communicate all the necessary information, regardless of your customers. Your content should be able put you entirely in the favourable position to drive sales and generate leads.

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