How To Set Up A Local Dental Practice

How To Set Up A Local Dental Practice

Not everyone wants to spend their working life staring into other people’s mouths all day long, but if you train to be a dentist, setting up a local dental practice is a lucrative business opportunity. Well-respected, competent dentists are always sought after by families and other individuals. Most of us recognize that we need to look after our teeth, so a twice-yearly visit to the dentist is a must-do. If you can attract a happy, regular clientele, business success is virtually guaranteed. Here’s what you need to know if you want to set up a dental practice in your local area.

Get Qualified

Before you do anything else, you will need to gain appropriate qualifications. There are more than 65 dental schools in the US, which offer programs accredited by the ADA. Admission is competitive, but once you successfully complete a four-year course, followed by additional specialties in an area of your choice, you can start practicing as a dentist.

You will need to employ dental assistants and hygienists, so check they have suitable qualifications. If you decide to offer on-the-job training, use to find suitable training courses.

Market Research

If your end goal is to open a dental practice, it is worth doing some market research before you decide on your specialty. For example, if you identify a need for orthodontics, perhaps because you live in a family neighborhood, specializing in orthodontics is a smart move. That way you can open a dental practice that offers orthodontics as a service.

Another issue is the local demographic. Affluent areas will prioritize dental care whereas poorer neighborhoods won’t be able to afford dental treatment. If you open a smart new practice in a poor area, you will struggle to attract clients, which could cause difficulties. Design your service strategy to take into account your target customer base.

Identity a Suitable Location

Initially, you may decide to set up a small practice in your home, but if you have plans to grow the business, this is only a short-term solution at best. Instead, it might be better to search for a suitable location to open a dental practice. Speak to local realtors and see what they suggest. Renting a unit is more cost efficient than buying, but take advice from an accountant, who can run a cost-benefit analysis.

Marketing Your Practice

It is best to start a marketing campaign before you open the doors. You need to generate a buzz, so interested clients are ready to test your services out from day one. Begin with press releases to local news outlets, perhaps organize an interview where you get the opportunity to discuss your plans and how your dental practice will provide a resource for the local community.

You need to set up a website, social media pages, and begin an online marketing/SEO campaign. Don’t try and do this alone – speak to an SEO specialist and have a professional website built to market the practice.

A local dental practice should become a profitable and successful business if you start on the right foot. If you have any more tips, let us know in the comments.