5 Ways To Make Your Employees Happier

When employees are happy working for you, they want your company to succeed. They are proud to work there, they like working there, and they like who they work with. Those are the people who will stay with you as you grow your company and they are the ones that will help you realize your goals.

So, how do you keep your employees happy? Here are 5 easy ways to increase happiness amongst your employees:

1. Awards

Awards should be given to celebrate an achievement, this could be for anything from accomplishing a qualification or for repeatedly giving superior customer service. You can get custom pieces from Fine Awards that not only look great and are unique, but also carry prestige. Save the awards for milestones and for qualifications. Every award you give should be able to sit on a shelf or hang on a wall and announce to other employees and clients alike that this person is qualified. The more specialized the award, the better: it will encourage employees to succeed on their own terms, rather than be discouraged if they aren’t in the running for a target driven reward.

2. Value Their Opinion

You hired your employees because they were qualified. Don’t dismiss their opinions or their advice simply because they are new. Value the opinions given to you and actively listen to what your employees have to say. When an employee feels that their opinions and ideas are at least considered, they will feel like an asset to the company.

3. Help Them Succeed

Your employees are not just there to do a job and take home a paycheck. They have goals, ambitions, and dreams. Helping them succeed in life is a great way to not only increase their happiness, but to also gain their loyalty and build a great asset for your company. Mentor them, offer to help them further their education, help them set and realize goals.

4. Have a Friendly Workplace

Sexual assault and harassment are by law, not permitted in any workplace, but having rules for behavior in place is not enough to have a happy workplace. Have food, coffee, and teas available for your employees to have at any time. Try to keep the office space bright and airy. Invest in comfortable chairs, and encourage your employees to keep active. A happy workplace makes a happy worker.

5. Offer Treats

Even if you can’t afford to give a full benefits package, you can offer treats to your employees. A monthly massage, business lunches on you, or even an unexpected extra day off after they have worked hard on a project.

Happy employees make better workers. It’s a fact. Not only are happier employees more productive (by an average of 12-20%) they are also more likely to care about the wellbeing of your company. Treat them well, value their opinions and their work, and reward them. Investing in your employee’s happiness improves your company, and makes you an employer that everyone would want to work for.