Simple Men’s Style Upgrades

Style is a funny term as there are endless amounts of styles out there as everyone is different. There is something called timeless style which we will be referring to today as this is something that will never go out of style. Many wonder whether it is going to cost too much, doe it requires a large wardrobe or even drastic changes, well to be honest, no it doesn’t. In fact, when it comes to timeless style, less is always more. You will also benefit from spending money wisely on things that matter. 


Purge The Closet 

This may sound scary, but purging your clothes of anything you don’t wear and give it to charity or get it recycled if it has unremovable stains, the garment is overstretched, has holes in it or has lost its colour. 

When you do this, it is a good opportunity to rediscover items in your wardrobe that you may like to keep. It also helps to determine what you might need in your wardrobe or what you are missing. For the items that are good enough quality to keep, but you never wear, place them in a box with the date written on it. Anything still in the ox after a year should be given away. 


Tailor Your Clothing

Tailoring your clothes have many benefits, the first is that you look great in all your clothes. The second is that it can give other items of clothing a new run of life, which is a great move towards making your lifestyle more sustainable. Anything that is oversized will be able to be tailored into a piece that fits you well. The big thing to remember with this is that communication is key when speaking to tailors so that you get the best results of what you are expecting. At the end of the day, you are not only spending money on the tailoring, but if you have chosen a random tailor, you could be risking money that you spent on the clothing too. 


Purchase A Versatile Watch

Having a watch that goes with most outfits is extremely advantageous as one, you will save money on having to buy watches for different outfits. It is a great accessory to show off and it shows that you value the finer details in an outfit. If you are wanting something timeless, opt for leather straps or metal bracelet-style watches that will catch people’s eyes. Anything plastic or a rubber strap will completely ruin your outfit unless you are wearing street styles like Gods Gift clothing. 


Buy Essential Wardrobe Pieces

Once you have purged your wardrobe, you will know what you need and what you don’t which makes it much easier when shopping around. You may have a range of trousers for example, but ensure you have different colours, navy, black, grey and a neutral pair will ensure that you are ready for any occasion. This is the same for most garments, if you have these colours in your clothes, you will find that your wardrobe is much more versatile and interchangeable with each other. 

It is important to understand what essential pieces are so that you don’t go shopping mad when you are on your spree. These pieces are the basic building blocks of your style. They must be good quality due to you use them for most outfits so finding the right brand for your look is essential. 


Purchase Essential Footwear

Essential footwear is another way that you can completely transform an outfit. You can always make a suit more relaxed with a tee and a pair of dress sneakers. It is worth going into your shoe closet and seeing what you have and then what you need. Every man needs a pair of brogues, a pair of loafers, at least one pair of boots and two pairs of trainers, one for every day and another pair for the dress. 


Remember to Tuck

Pulling your pants up and tucking your shirt in was what every child is told. This was a nightmare as children and it came extremely boring. Fast forward to today and everything is being tucked in. Whether that be a tee shirt or a shirt, tucking in your top is a great style tip to hold under your belt.


Buy A Quality Casual Blazer 

A casual blazer is another versatile piece that will transform your whole outfit. It is one of the easiest methods for a man to up their style. At first, you may feel uncomfortable but it will get easier. This can be simply worn with a pair of trousers and a shirt or it can transform a tee and jeans outfit for a smart casual look. 

There are many methods to up your game, but purging your wardrobe, and buying a decent watch and blazer will help you to transform your personal style to be timeless. 


Swap A Regular Tie For A Knitted Tie

Ties have always been essential for a man’s wardrobe. Whether this is for an office job or an occasion such as a wedding. Every man needs a good-quality tie. They come in a huge range of colours, materials and patterns. If you already have a range of plain silk ties, opt for something a little different and modern such as a knitted tie design. This will still keep things classic, but it will also help to add individuality and texture to your outfit without looking overdone. 


Keep Sunglasses In Your Top Pocket

Sunglasses are staples in any man’s or woman’s wardrobe and people wear them on a daily basis. People spend so much time finding the right pair to suit their style and also their face. When buying sunglasses, it is important to determine your head shape before you go looking as this will save you time.  

With this in mind, it is surprising how many people don’t know what to do with sunglasses when they aren’t in use. Putting them on your forehead or on your neckline is the two things you certainly don’t want to do. This looks ridiculous, you end up with grooves in your head and it can wreck the neckline on your clothing. Instead, if you have a blazer or jacket with a breast pocket, ensure that they go in there with one arm out. This adds individuality and looks like part of your style.


Invest In Signature Scent

It is no secret that scent is one of the first signs of attraction. If you meet someone and they smell great, you are going to be more attracted to them. Research suggests that scent overpowers looks for initial attraction, so get to the shops and start investing in some signature scents. There are some amazing colognes out there, but if you wanted a signature scent, it needs to be Eau de parfum rather than eau de toilette as this is what is going to help you smell greater for longer. Scents such as Dior, Savage, Creed, Irish Tweed and Tom Ford, Tobacco Vanille are all amazing scents to try.