How Online Faxing Saves You Time And Money

Sending and receiving faxes are an important part of business communication. In fact, chances are that you still sent a fax through your traditional faxing machine today.

While traditional faxing machines have been around since forever, have you given some thought to internet faxing? This incredible technology is far more effective than its predecessor and can help you save much time and money by doing some or all of the following:

Quicker Fax Receipt and Sending

With traditional faxing machines, you have to feed the machine, dial the number and wait for the connection to be established. Sometimes, this can be pretty fast, other times, it can be slow.

This often results in wasted time, slower response times, and a slower pace of doing business – something that isn’t tolerated nowadays. With online faxing, however, this is not the case. It is easy to send your fax and receive faxes. This helps speed up the pace of doing business, resulting in faster results and increased productivity.

How Online Faxing Saves You Time And Money

Can Send Faxes from Anywhere

It does not matter where you are located, as long as you have an internet access, you can send your online fax from anywhere in the world. This makes for excellent productivity and business executions.

For instance, if you are in Myanmar on a business trip and there’s an urgent document you need to sign or contract terms to review in order to close a deal pretty quickly, your company can always send you the documents via an online faxing system.

Thanks to the online faxing technology, you’ll receive it almost immediately, make the necessary reviews, sign the document and send it back to them within a very short time frame. That is progress and speed. Now, if you were to depend on traditional faxing machines, you would have to spend hours looking for a fax machine that may not exist.

Reduces Paper and Ink Cartridge Expenses

The average company spends much money buying ink cartridges and paper used for faxing. With an online faxing system in place, most businesses will find that their paper and ink requirement will dwindle drastically. This is great for savings that can be used for something else in the company.

Easy Access to the Fax Anytime You Need it

If you have ever had to look for an important fax that was misplaced or missing, then you know that losing faxes can be incredibly detrimental to your business. This is why you should seriously consider online faxing.

Instead of spending hours looking for a fax, you can easily find what you need in less than 2 minutes on your online faxing service’s database. All online faxing services automatically store your faxes on their servers until you delete it yourself. This can be a huge time saver and will save you many headaches.

Saving on Maintenance Costs

Owning a traditional faxing machine means having to maintain it. Therefore, you could spend quite a bunch on keeping the dedicated lines open – regardless of whether you use it or not. Maintaining the fax machine and hiring someone to come change the ink cartridges or repair it if it breaks down.

All these things cost money, not to mention the fact that you could miss an important deadline-based document during its downtime.  However, with an online faxing service, you will eliminate the costs associated with owning dedicated phone lines, drastically reduce how much you spend on maintenance, and cut back on the use of inks and cartridges.

As you can see, online faxing is in your best interest. You can also find online faxing services that fit your business needs easily through comparison services like

The writer of this article, Oscar King, is a tech blogger who often discusses high-tech solutions for low-tech problems in business today in the hopes of making a more efficient world. You can learn more about Oscar on Google+.