5 Angles To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Are you stuck for blog post ideas? Unsure about the best content to effectively engage with your audience? Don’t spend your days staring at the screen waiting for inspiration to come. Instead, read our five angle ideas that can drive more traffic to your blog.

How-to Articles

Internet users often turn to Google to receive answers to their questions, which is why how-to articles can be an effective way to drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website. They can often provide an informative tutorial that can improve a person’s everyday life. For instance, if you own a lighting company, write an article on how to remove a broken lightbulb, or a guide on how to install a chandelier. The more problems you solve, the more you will establish yourself as an industry thought leader, which can result in returning visitors.

News Blogs

Keep your audience up-to-date with any events, changes or news regarding your company, which will allow you to build anticipation or engagement. It is also a great way for a web visitor to learn a little bit more about who you are and what you do.

Give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your target audience by optimizing each post on your website. For example, a bakery wanting to promote an article about their launch would turn to a local SEO company for keyword optimization for their town or city.


List posts have become incredibly popular online, as they are easy to scan and allow a web visitor to pick out the information they need. Your goal should be to educate and entertain the reader in the shortest amount of time, which will make your content more shareable. So, grab your readers’ attention with an eye-catching list post they will want to read.

Opinion Pieces

Establish your tone of voice in your chosen industry by writing and publishing an opinion piece on your website. It is an opportunity to share your thoughts on a topic, or to take a controversial stance on a specific subject. Those interested in the subject will therefore want to read, share and/or comment on the article, so it could generate a buzz both on and offline. It is, however, important to be aware that controversial pieces can often result in negative or angry comments, so you will need to have a thick skin and a professional response.


Infographics allow you to educate your readers in a fun and unique manner. It is the perfect way to share statistics, facts and industry insights, or easily explain a complex process using an entertaining graphic design. All you need to do is embed the infographic into your blog post, and write a paragraph or two to give it a little context.

Do you have any article angle ideas to drive traffic to a blog? Please feel free to share your helpful tips by writing in the comment section.