8 Online Meeting and Web Conferencing Tools

In the world where we now communicate and collaborate primarily through the internet, it is important to have right tools available. Not only do you need something reliable to work well, but you also want an easy tool for all your collaborators to use.

This list will solve some of the best online tools for online meetings, group collaborations, and screen sharing. This kind of tool is useful for many things like webinars, training, projects, technical supports, or just for group chatting for fun.

All of these tools are easy to use and, for the most part, are even easier for your collaborators to join in as well.

Let’s look at the following 8 online meetings and web conferencing tools.

ezTalks Meetings

While most of the other online meeting and web conferencing tools gives you rich features with high cost, ezTalks Meetings is an exception in this list. This software allows you to convene up to 100 participants in a meeting with the standard version. You can have crystal-clear audio and HD video conferencing, and you also have features like interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, cross-platform chatting and much more in it. Control and operation are actually simple, you can easily start a meeting, and it is available on almost any device. So, if you are looking forward a tool that is affordable, gives the best effect and work very well for every device, then you should choose this online meeting tool for that.


MeetingBurner is not only a great place to hold online meetings (right in the browser – no download required), it’s also good for hosting webinars, and sharing your screen. This includes Skype integration, conferencing line, and one click to record meetings. You’ll also get analytics for your meetings so you can see how your guests interact with your content. In order to save time, it has easy-to-use interface, it’s one of the most popular services for online meetings, best of all, the service is free.


Meetin.gs lets you get started in less than 60 seconds and gives you the convenience of creating new meetings through bookmarklets, in addition to using the website. Not only can you create your own meetings and participate from any device, but you can create and edit them together with participants. It’s also a great tool to edit documents together with groups and anyone can mail-in notes and other materials via email.


GoToMeeting is a desktop alternative for ezTalks Meetings and is used for meetings (in HD) and web conferences. There are three different products offered: GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining. All products enable screen and apps sharing, one-click recording, drawing tools, voice conferencing capabilities, and more. You can start a meeting from Microsoft Office, email, or instant messaging tool. Best of all, meetings can be accessed from your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.


WebEx is an excellent service that gives you unlimited online meetings. With this you get high quality videos, phone conferences, and mobile access (including iPad), so you can host and attend on-the-go temporary meetings. You can have up to 25 people in meetings and view up to 6 webcam on screen at a time. Their online collaboration tools, such as whiteboarding, notes, and annotations, make it great for working with groups.


Huddle is an online meeting tool that allows you to collaborate, share files, and manage projects. It offers a huge list of features, plus quite a few unique features that you will not find on other similar services. For example, their version features allow for collaboration on the same document, but keep track of different versions of the document so you can restore it if necessary. Documents can be accessed from anywhere including mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and iPad. The Huddle developer API is also available for anyone who wants to build an app or mash-up.


ShowDocument offers online meetings, screen sharing, and real-time collaboration – all with one click. The integrated features include: whiteboarding tools, translator chats (voice, video, text), and web pages sharing, YouTube videos, and Google maps. You can customize the ShowDocument function and add it through the App Center. If you plan to use it often, you can also install the Chrome extension or Firefox Add-on. There is also an Android app for those who want to use the service on their mobile devices.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a social network that supports video chatting with groups. You must install Google’s voice and video plug-in to get started. Once you’ve done so, you can also use videos in Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut. This is now one of the easiest ways to see a group of friends at one time.