Whether To Go For Custom or Ready-Made Medals

Most often we view various events in our community or different ceremonies in our office are organized where deserving candidates are awarded medals. The questionable thing is that whether organizations should go for readymade medals or custom-made medals. Both kind of medals have their advantages and disadvantages and the decision completely depends upon which type suits you best.

Most of us have the view that medals are not important for the receiver, but it is not true. Medals make significant impact on the performance of employee. They directly impact the self-esteem of the receiver, whether they are readymade or customized. When a person receives the medal in front of audience, the honor and respect he/she gets is unmatchable.

Although, both type of medals are used as an award, but in corporate culture a custom-made medal is most suitable option to award the employees. When an employee sees his/her name and the reason for being awarded engraved on the medal, the happiness of employee increase manifolds. As compared to readymade medals where it was not possible to differentiate the receivers and the reason, customized medals are more efficient. Even if you have received a readymade medal as an award, guests at your home might suspect that to be bought from the local market. Your hard work and achievement will go to vain just because of this little mistake by your company of not presenting a custom-made medal. Moreover, when visitors see such readymade medals, they question the credibility of person. The situation is really demotivating when people suspect the fruit of hard work and labor of person as just a cheap stunt to impress them.

Whether To Go For Custom or Ready-Made Medals

In such situations, a customized medal works for you. It has the name of the receiver, position he/she holds, achievement and the occasion, engraved on it. This information printed on the medal makes the receiver feel relieved. Whether the receiver places it on their office desk or decorate their home with it, the viewer will get all the true information about the medal, as who won it and why.

The importance of pre-designed medals cannot be avoided as they are also used as an award, but above discussed issues indicate that customized medals are more impactful than the traditional ones. It is suggested to go for custom made medals because they clearly defines the receiver’s name, position, achievement and occasion. These details are as important to the receiver as the award itself. One more benefit that custom made medals provide is that they can be made/designed and prepared according to your needs and preferences. This is not possible in readymade medals because they come predesigned and can’t be changed. Also, the message can be creatively and prominently engraved on a custom-made medal.The engraved details increases the satisfaction level of the receiver because everyone knows that engraved medals are given to winners.When people get custom-made medals, their motivational level gets a boost. Being awarded with a custom-made medal is one of the most precious moment of life and gives a reason to feel proud. To learn more about medal, click here