Finding and Keeping The Right Los Angeles Videographer

Hiring a Los Angeles videographer is challenging enough; the industry is huge, the competition is fierce, and sifting through the available options can take you the better part of a work week.Arguably, however, finding the absolute perfect videographer for your video needs can make the work all worth it.

The next step is actually keeping the videographer. True, many of them are freelancers, but they’re no strangers to repeat clients and loyal customers. In fact, many of them thrive off of more-or-less steady work from the same source. If you want to maintain a happy, working relationship with your favorite videographer, there are things you should know.


As of May 2017, the annual salary of a videographer ranges between $50,819 to $76,780, with a Los Angeles videographer hovering around the middle mark of $68,000. Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider and a ton of independent variables in play, but it’s safe to say that they average $3k to $6k a month. That’s a few hundred dollars per project, depending on the scope and scale of the work they do.

Point is, not every videographer is cheap. Those who have been in the business for a while probably have a better understanding of what’s fair in terms of pricing, but that means they can also charge for experience. Newcomers might have lower pricing but they could easily go the opposite end of the spectrum, desperate to make it big via their only source of income.

The trick here is to shop around anddo some very thorough research. Get referrals and recommendations, read customer reviews, and—most importantly—go with your gut. At the end of the day, a good videographer is certainly worth their weight in gold—or dollars, as the case may be. Don’t let price deter you, because you’ll be getting more than enough value in return.


If you’re planning a long-term relationship with your videographer, you must choose someone you’re fairly comfortable with. Talent and equipment are all secondary and can be accumulated through experience and over time, but attitude is something you’ll have to put up with for a while.It doesn’t matter if they’re freelancers or if they’re looking for a more permanent position; if you’re working with them, you’re going to have to deal with them.

When it’s down to two and you need to pick one, pick the person who seems like the best fit with your company culture.


Videographers are their own brand of artist. They’re creative, imaginative, and most probably have a preferred style of shooting, recording, and editing. If left to their own devices with very vague guidelines and all the freedom to do what they want, they’re likely going to come up with a product that reflects their personal preference more than it does yours.

Some companies may not have a problem with this. If hiring a videographer means getting a creative as a package deal, then what’s not to celebrate? However, if you’re someone who is very particular about your videos looking a certain way or having a certain feel, this could lead to a lot of reshoots, re-edits, and post-production damage control.

Make sure you communicate your vision as best as you can with your Los Angeles videographer. Professionalism dictates that they put your preference above their own. Most videographers are versatile and talented enough to change their style to suit a specific client’s needs, so you don’t have to worry too much about asking something beyond the realm of the abilities.