10 Game Changing Plugins To Increase Conversions In WooCommerce

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The success of any website is measured by its conversion rate. Starting from creating a beautiful page, adding attractive calls to action, creating innovative content and adding a host of other peripherals, all these efforts ultimately result in increasing the conversion rate of a WooCommerce website. However, many of you mistake conversion rate at only the number of people who buy a product on the website. Although, this stands true in the case of an e-commerce website but the general rule says that conversion is when the visitor does what is expected of them on that page in particular.

So far with over 16 million downloads, WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform available on the internet. The core plugin is a handy kit but cannot perform everything. In order to get most from a WooCommerce development project, one needs to enhance its core plugins by using a bunch of extensions and add-ons.

E-commerce offers a big money

Money maybe this is the reason why a majority of the extensions come with a price tag. The following post explores a multitude of WooCommerce plugins which can be used to address the glitches that hinder conversion rates. Now, Conversions mainly depends on four factors:

  • Speed of the website- Websites that load faster, sell products faster. Several studies reveal that visitors do not want to wait for more than 5 seconds for a website to load. Besides, e-commerce websites offering a similar range of products for sale with slow loading times can have a serious impact on the conversion rates of your site.
  • Page design- After conversion rate comes the page design. It’s all about where you are convincing the visitor or why they should buy your product/ issue subscription. This is the reason why most of WooCommerce development companies emphasize on designing and optimizing the page to perfection. A well-designed and optimized page offers fast upload speed, convenient search option for the visitor, reassurance markers that indicate its authenticity and safety within the website.
  • Marketing strategy- Now if you are experienced with e-commerce store, then you will definitely come to know that building the site is only the beginning of the process. Using proper email marketing, potential customers can be informed of offers, discounts, coupons, sales, abandoned carts and more can result in increasing the conversion rates.
  • Customer Security- We all are well aware regarding the high rates of cybercrime rampart in the virtual world. Due to which visitors actually hesitate in giving up their personal and financial details on an unknown website.

10 Game Changing Plugins To Increase Conversions In Woocommerce

#1 Wp-Optimize

The plugin clears up the unnecessary clutter in your database without disturbing any of the core information which eventually helps you keep the website clean and minimalistic.

#2 Wp-DB manager

This is another interesting plugin category which comprises of a comprehensive database cleaning, storing, managing, restoring and backup solution. Wp-DB plugin is said to be one of the free database management plugins.

#3 Wp Smush

Developed by a WordPress developer, WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization Plugin is one of the best plugins used for compressing, resizing and reworking product images. Here the images are stripped of redundant data in order to improve page local speed and can be compressed in large quantities simultaneously.

#4 YITH WooCommerce advanced reviews

The YITH WooCommerce advanced reviews plugin is mostly used to add reviews and rating to the product page. Some of its characteristics features include addition of attachments by reviewers, review summary and a comparative summary bar with a statistical analysis.

#5 EWWW Image Optimiser

The EWWW Image Optimiser plugin provides lossless and lossy compression options for image size optimization. Most of the WooCommerce developer believe that the plugin is an excellent option for increasing site speed without compromising on the quality of the product images.

#6 WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

A premium plugin that allows a WooCommerce developer to create a questionnaire for reviewers just to make sure that they have adequately used the product before reviewing it. Moreover, images, videos can be easily incorporated in the reviews and reviews can be sorted by viewers based on categories like “Most helpful”, “Most Recent”, “Most Positive/Negative” and so more.

#7 Advanced Woo Search

One of the reliable WooCommerce development company has created the plugin in such a way that it adds a search bar on your WooStore where the visitors can search for products in real-time. In addition to this, the dynamic bar repeats products as per the spelling typed, to provide the closest results in the shortest possible time.

#8 WooCommerce Predictive Search

The feature offers a drop-down menu with a thumbnail display beside the product name, as it is being typed in the search bar. By doing this, the visitors can preview the product even before they reach the product page.

#9 WPForms

One of the most user-friendly plugins created by Syed Balkhi is WPForms featuring a wide range of drag and drop form builder for easy addition of fields. The premium plugin also allows you see the final outlook of the form as you build it.

#10 Extensions for payment gateways

WooCommerce has extensions for payment gateways for safe transactions. Here is a small list of regional gateways with multiple currently support into your WooStore:

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Authorize.Net
  • Amazon Pay
  • Stripe
  • Paypal powered by Brain Tree

So this is it for now! Optimizing conversion rates is a continuous process where few trail and errors, proper site analytics are required. Keep watching the space to know more WooCommerce development company in town.

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