The Techniques Used For Security Testing

In this digital era, network security is one of the main issues that almost every IT company is facing. With rise of online security issues, the demand of effective security testing is also increasing. Security testing can be performed in many ways like, some prime ways are:

  • Black Box Level
  • White Box Level
  • Database Level
  1. Black Box Level

 Session Hijacking

It is commonly known as “IP Spoofing” in which a user session will be hacked on a protected network.

Session Prediction

It is a method of obtaining a session ID of an authorized user. In this, one gets access to the application. The session ID can be retrieved from URL or cookies in a web application.

Session Prediction happening may be predicted when any site stops responding for an unknown reason or is not responding normally.

Email Spoofing

 It is duplicating the email header (“From” address) so that it looks like as it is originated from the actual source. If the email is replied, it’ll land in the inbox of cyber criminals. The message information can be modified by inserting commands in the header . It is quite possible to send a spoof mail with information you did not write.

Content Spoofing

 In this technique, a fake website is developed to make the user believe that the website is genuine. Further, when user enters his Card information, SSN, Password and other vital credentials the cyber criminals can get the information and use if for fraud purposes.


 It is similar to mail Spoofing where the cyber criminals send a genuine look-alike mail in order to get the financial or personal information of the user. All emails appear to have come from well known sites.

Password Cracking

 It is used to identify a forgotten password or to identify an unknown password. It is done through two ways:

Brute Force– Hackers try with a combination of characters and tries until it is getting accepted.

Password Dictionary– Hacker uses the Password dictionary where it is available on various topics.

  1. White Box Level

Malicious Code Injection

 SQL Injection is one of the most popular in Code Injection Attack. In this technique, hackers attach malicious code into the good code by inserting the field in application. The main aim behind the injection is to get the secure data which was intended to be used by users.

In addition to SQL Injection, other types of Malicious code injection are LDAP Injection, XPath Injection, and Command Execution Injection. Akin to SQL Injection the XPath Injection deals with the XML document.

Penetration Testing

 It is used to check the security of a network or a computer. Penetration testing process explores all security aspects of any system by penetrating the system. There are many penetration testing companies in India providing services to companies.

Input Validation

It is used to defend the apps from cyber criminals. If input is not validated mostly in web apps it could lead to database manipulation, system crashes, and corrupt files.

Variable Manipulation

It is used as method for editing or specifying the variables in program. It’s mostly used to modify the sent data to server.

  1. Database Level

SQL Injection

It is widely used to hack the sites by changing the back-end SQL statements. By using this method hackers can steal data from database and also modify and delete it. If you are running an online business, you must avail network security auditing services to save yourself of SQL injection.