How Important Is Mobile Internet To People Nowadays?

The world is undergoing through the information revolution where sending and receiving data is instantaneous. The internet, now used by more than 3 billion worldwide, made this type of data transfer possible. However, using the World Wide Web was only possible through a personal computer until recently. The invention of the Smartphone changed how people send and receive information once again. In fact, the total number of PCs used worldwide in 2015 was 2.1 billion. In contrast, the expected number of smartphones that will be in use in 2016 stands at 2.16 billion. These statistics show that people are slowly shifting their preferences from desktop to mobile browsing. Here are some of the reasons why mobile internet is important is for us nowadays.

Smartphones are portable and allow you to connect to the internet anywhere and at any time.

You can carry your smartphone anywhere and at any time. You do not have to add additional baggage to keep it safe and secure (simple protective case will suffice). Instead, you can just put it in your pocket or purse and walk freely. Portability means that you can access the internet anywhere you go as long as you can get a signal from your telecommunications company. Every mobile phone provider offers a mobile internet nowadays, so it’s not strange that is affordable. You can also use Wi-Fi, in case someone has shared its internet connection. You will never have to miss a deal, telephone conference or email.

Personal computers are bulky items that you cannot carry around easily. Notebook or laptop, you have to put them in a bag and then secure it or someone will steal it from you. Additionally, these technological products have limited use outside a particular range. In other words, you must have a LAN connection or Wi-Fi which are hard to find in remote locations of the country, unlike GSM technology used by most smartphones.

Mobile internet comes with easy to use applications.

The internet is full of applications nowadays, but they are mostly tailored for a mobile audience. For example, you have to use a smartphone for you to use Instagram or WhatsApp. Currently, Instagram has 400M active users while WhatsApp has slightly over 1 billion users. It means that a person would be missing out on what millions of other people are discussing or viewing if they do not have mobile internet. It is important to note that some of these applications are available in desktop versions, but with limited functionalities. Moreover, phone applications are more secure because you handle your mobile personally, unlike desktops where you normally access it on a shared computer.

Smartphones come with many accessories.

Mobile internet is evolving into a personal management system. You can listen to your favorite music, record a song, plan a date, or check on your pulse using your phone. Many of these additional features come with wearables to measure particular metrics based on their function. For example, you can put on a smart watch that measures your pulse and relays that information to a doctor. You can put on Google glasses and they can help you to record videos as you view your environment. The mobile internet world offers numerous possibilities and wearables are just one of them.

It is time for the world to embrace this new form of communication and data transmission completely?

Fortunately, more than 6.1 billion people, 86% of the global population, will have a smartphone by 2020.

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