Types of High Risks Jobs

Not everyone is able to find a cushy job in the office, sitting for 8 hours or more in the cubicle. They may need to work outside or deal with dangerous objects. Despite their relatively hazardous occupations, these people will need to obtain life and medical coverage. Without proper protection, it is possible that these people will be left with severe financial and emotional problems. Life insurance and medical coverage are not the only things that these people need to have. For people who suffer from temporary injuries, they need to be covered from loss of wages. Permanent disability will prevent these people from working in the same field again, so it is important these people are protected financially from this situation. High risks occupations will be represented by higher premiums and this is something that companies and employees need to consider.

Structural Metal Workers

Metal objects need to be assembled to make sure that the construction process could proceed. In building construction, structural metal workers need to work high above the ground. They face a bigger risk of falling down, causing severe injuries or certain deaths for very tall building constructions.

Ranchers and Farmers

These are open country occupations and working with the land sounds like something ideal. However, farming and ranching involves working with powered, sharp implements. We often hear farmers who lose fingers and limbs working with powered farming tools. Docile cattle could become rather unpredictable in some situations, causing injuries to farmers.

Truck Drivers

Trucks are like the oxygen-carrying blood cells of our economy and many thousands of truck drivers will need to work long hours to continuously bring goods. Continuous life on the open road is certainly more dangerous than sitting in the office. As a result, people in the transportation industry will have higher risks.

Construction workers

They work with structural metal workers and share the same risks. The infrastructure of our society requires tall buildings, large airports, large dams, smooth paved roads and others. However, working in these situations represents higher risks, even if they are not working high above the ground. Compared to ordinary office-based employees, construction workers have staggering rate of annual deaths.

Ground maintenance Workers

Someone has to keep the resorts, parks, golf courses and other locations across the nation clean. It’s a dirty job and the fatality rate is higher than average occupation.


Upholding the law is a risky occupation and we occasionally hear of law enforcement officers who get wounded or killed doing their job. Compared to ordinary folks, policemen have more hazardous works.

Taxi drivers

Not only taxi drivers will need to work on the road each day, they may also need to face robbery and violent assaults.