How Messaging Apps Can Bring You More Loyal Customers

in app messaging tool

Push notifications and email pitches have been the norm for a long time in the marketing world. In-app messaging is still a new concept and marketers are apprehensive about using the tool. They fear being written off as spammers if they use too much in-app messaging. However, like any other medium, if used in the right manner, in-app messaging could be an effective medium for customer onboarding, engagement and retention.

Only one-third of marketers around the world use in-app messaging as a marketing tool, of which just a small percentage concentrates on customer retention while others focus on acquiring new clients. There are several surveys which indicate that the same application can be used strategically to convert existing clients to loyal customers. Marketers who adopt in-app messengers as an approach have seen almost thrice the rate of retention than those who don’t. If the notification content is drafted appropriately, with enough information, there are high chances of this medium succeeding.

There are certain practices to keep in mind while using in-app messaging:

  • Right onboarding

Don’t make your first impression the last impression. Give a prospective customer the best user experience at the first level. If they like what you have to offer at the first go, they are more likely to come back for more. The perfect way to do this is by having in place an onboarding process that is planned in advance and describes the value of your product.

  • Gather customer data that is insightful and measurable

The first step to understanding consumer behavior is to collect data that is measurable and actionable. Unless you have sufficient data in hand, you won’t be able to learn the secret behind customer retention. For this you need to observe their engagement on the messaging app and with your product closely.

  • Message on several channels

While ‘customer outreach’ implies nothing more than push notifications for some companies, the merits of messaging apps are not as limited. These apps can be used across various channels to draw in more customers and eventually retain them.

  • Personalization is the key to customer engagement

Nothing attracts a client more than personalized attention. Treat your customers as you would like to be treated. Small gestures such as mentioning their names in the messages, sending wishes on their special days or even sending a customized thank you note goes a long way when you’re emphasizing on customer retention.

  • Use multivariate testing

Do you think it’s feasible to send a message to a customer and then wait for eternity to know if your move was effective? Instead of living in apprehension, it is a good practice to opt for multivariate testing, where you can send across differently worded versions of the same message to see which one gets the most  responses. Once you had an idea, narrow down to one or two messages and shoot them out in bulk.

  • Use deep linking

There are instances when a client wants to use an app to go directly to a certain page. However the moment they click on their push notification they are taken straight to the homepage, which is unnecessary and most often unwanted. Why not give your clients a smooth, hassle-free user experience where from the push notification you straightaway redirect them to the desired page. This impresses a user, saves them time and they convinces them to return.

Messaging apps are now becoming a popular marketing tool. Instead of staying in the dark, it’s best to embrace new technology with open arms, because after all, a customer is your paycheck. If you want to grow your revenue, you need to aim for loyalty and retain your customers.