How Windows Dedicated Hosting Can Benefit Businesses

Those businesses which must run Windows-based applications can benefit from Windows dedicated hosting plans. Dedicated hosting is a kind of web hosting service where a single server and its resources are made available for a single enterprise; so, this enterprise can enjoy unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This makes dedicated hosting ideal for websites which get a lot of web traffic such as the ecommerce sites. Windows dedicated hosting plans therefore guarantee greater reliability, scalability, better security and performance and excellent technical support for clients.

Why should you choose Windows dedicated hosting plans?

  • Windows dedicated hosting caters to enterprises that use the .NET technology as this has been originally developed by Microsoft. These plans also support databases which have been created using Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access. These databases cannot be supported when you choose the Linux dedicated hosting plans. So, Linux dedicated hosting may be a cheaper option since Linux is an open source platform but it is not compatible with Windows-based applications.

  • Moreover, Windows tools are rather user-friendly and most people are familiar with its tools and resources. FrontPage is one such easy-to-use tool while SharePoint for information sharing purposes is also created by Microsoft and it can be accessed by servers that run Windows OS.

  • Windows plans not only offer more advanced features, but they also offer great support. Microsoft has brought forward multiple server-specific applications that can run only on Windows OS and these are typically preferred by the larger businesses. This explains why sites using ASP.NET or ASP technology needs Windows dedicated plans. The benefits of these plans are further enhanced when you choose managed dedicated server hosting. Here, the provider takes care of the tasks of maintaining and monitoring the server.

  • Windows dedicated servers are also popular because they have a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy for clients to use. Even those who may not be technically sound can learn how to work with it without facing much difficulty. This user-friendly interface guarantees high efficiency to businesses and helps them to create and maintain dynamic websites.

These are some of the important reasons why choosing Windows dedicated hosting plans may be a viable option. Windows server hosting will allow all Microsoft developed applications to function seamlessly and efficiently. So, for those wanting to create sites using the ASP.NET technology, Windows is the most obvious choice. Windows also offers a high degree of security, smooth integration, single point of control etc. that benefits businesses. Its compatibility with all other Microsoft applications makes it more popular amongst consumers. Most importantly, in terms of database support, Windows dedicated hosting scores far above any other option. The Windows platform guarantees complete integration and better performance compared to the other platforms; even with high server loads, their dedicated servers are totally stable and reliable. Before signing up with any provider for dedicated hosting, it is recommended that you read reviews about their services and opt for a free trial version if possible.

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