The Key Benefits Of A Lock Up and Unlocking Service For Your Company

Security is more than locking and unlocking doors at your company – security is about having professionals protect and safeguard your facility. It’s about making sure that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten. It’s about paying attention to detail and understanding that even the smallest of mistakes could potentially lead to devastating situations. Here’s a short description of what a lock up and unlocking service does, and the key benefits to your company.

The Importance of Professionals

A lock up and unlocking service, in essence, is a group of professionals who make sure that your business is secure, who take responsibility for unlocking doors and gates when work starts, and lock your enterprise tight when work is done. Don’t let the simple description of locking and unlocking fool you – most robberies take place when staff are unlocking in the morning or locking up at night. It’s during these specific times that your business is most vulnerable and when criminals are most likely to strike. It is wise to have professionals take care of this – professionals who know what to look for, who are constantly alert, and can spot any suspicious behaviour before any crime can happen.

The Security Routine

Security guards unlock the entrances to the business, disable or disarm your alarms, and conduct an inspection tour to make sure there is no sign of a break-in or damage pointing to an attempted burglary. Only when all is safe do guards allow the workforce to enter. At night, when all staff has left, security personnel check all doors, windows, and fire escapes, turn off lights and monitors that are not essential, turn off all water taps, and make sure your business is energy-efficient during down-time. They then set the alarms and lock all doors and gates.

The Benefits of a Lock up and Unlocking Service

By allowing professionals to secure your business premises, you gain enormous benefits. Here is just a short list of advantages:

  • Greater security for your business, as all windows, doors, and fire exits – as well as water taps and electrical devices – are checked before locking.
  • Your premises are opened and closed at planned and pre-determined times, ensuring your staff can work effectively.
  • The presence of professional security staff serves as a deterrent for any would-be burglars or thieves.
  • The need for giving your keys to staff is eliminated, thereby avoiding unnecessary risk.
  • Professionals can act appropriately in dangerous situations as the need arises.

Security is a concern to all of us, and should be taken seriously. By allowing trained professionals to secure your premises, you create a safe working environment. Whether you are seeking security services Oxford and Oxford security expertise or security services for other areas, it’s always best to rely on a tried and tested provider.

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