How To Build Your Brand With Banners

When it comes to building your brand, you need to be proactive. While many business owners spend a lot of time investing in online marketing such as social media for brand building – it’s not for everyone. If you’re a smaller locally based business – how do you let potential customers know you’re there? How can you remind existing customer to visit your business again?

A tried and tested method for grabbing attention is the humble banner. The good news is that new printing technology is giving the banner a bit of a renaissance. Printing techniques now allow for ever-larger banners to be produced, and with better quality than ever. If you think of a banner, and think of some scrawled lettering advertising a local village fete – then think again. Contemporary banners are brand-building blockbusters!

Banners Outside Your Business

Depending on the type of business you own, you’ll have to consider your target audience; where they’re likely to be, pass by, or visit and then look for a strategic location for your banner. Directly outside your business is not always the best choice. Outdoor banners can be displayed in a multitude of locations where people pass by every day. From intersections to busy shopping malls – consider the best location for the customers you want to attract.

Banners Inside Your Business

Not all businesses need to display or hang banners outdoors. But you can also use modern banners internally in your business. Pop up banners and pull up banners can be used on desktops or counter space to draw attention to promotions, new product launches or whatever you want to highlight. Roller banners can be floor-standing and you can use them for managing traffic flow within your business, especially if it’s a retail outlet. Use banners as signposts to direct customers to the area of the store they are looking for.

Use large PVC banners in your reception area if you’re a non-retail business, to welcome your visitors and clients and promote your product line or special event.

Brand building in the community is always worthwhile, so why not use personalised banners to sponsor or support a local charity or community event. It’s great exposure for your business and a positive brand image for all visitors who attend such events. More and more consumers are valuing the social responsibility of businesses nowadays, so it’s definitely worth investigating opportunities to reach out to such groups in your local community.

Don’t be limited by any old fashioned notions of what a banner is – today they’re big and bold and used by the biggest brands worldwide. Learn from them and get creative using banners to build your own brand with the help of experts in banner printing such as eazy print. Choose the right banner, the right location for it and watch your business grow!

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