7 Mistakes When Preparing to Develop a Website

  1. We don’t define the purposes: Defining purposes isn’t only about having a basic idea about how our website should behave. In this case, we may want to sell products directly to our customers. In this case, it is important to collect details that can develop our future relationships. We shouldn’t rely on impulse purchase, the audience must be encouraged that they need to purchase the products and use our services. When identifying the purpose of our website, we should also outline actions needed to guide customers reach the final stage that we and they desire.
  2. We don’t define the structure: A good structure should be consisted of logical progression that our customers should go through. Customers should obtain the information that they are looking for quickly and easily. As an example, an easy to use search and filtering facility is needed if there are many products in our website.
  3. We don’t decide on proper design layout: There are design characteristics that we need to consider. As an example, logo is usually placed at the upper left corner of the design and the primary navigation menu can be located at the left hand side. We shouldn’t use things that are confusing to our customers. We shouldn’t avoid too many moving images, because they can br quite distracting. Entrance pages shouldn’t be consisted only of logo and a button to enter the site. This will present unnecessary delays for users and it can be quite annoying for people who want to visit our website frequently.
  4. We don’t use proper colors: Since the early webpages were created, bright background and dark text are always considered as ideal. Reading lightly-colored text on dark background won’t be too comfortable if performed for long period of time. Patterned backgrounds also look unprofessional and dated; as well as making our text much harder to read. The overall color scheme should be simple, clean and inoffensive.
  5. We don’t plan to be consistent: There are cases when the whole development team doesn’t consider consistency as an important thing. As an example, although buttons and links are placed in prominent places; the search bar and its associated button could be vaguely positioned. There are cases when users spend more than a minute to look for the search feature. The most common location for search feature is directly under the header.
  6. We don’t choose proper typeface: In general, standard typeface is already easy to read. Many designers are tempted unusual or obscure typeface that aren’t easy on the eye. We should be aware that users essentially want to read our information and this shouldn’t become a challenge. Whitespace should also be used, when it comes to choosing an overall proper typeface implementation.
  7. We don’t prepare good content: After defining our purposes and planning the layout of our website, it is also important to define content. We should make sure that we use proper content.
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