Improving Different Sections of Website

Overall, we need to keep the layout conventional and simple. Visitors should be able to find what they need. When creating a website, we should try to be unique and creative. If our website is qualified enough, web surfers will be more than happy to return to our website and read our new content. In order to stand out, we need to be use unique colors and be creative. There are conventional and simple layouts that work really well.

  • Header: Header is considered as a common identifier area of any website. It should allow website visitors about the meaning and purpose of a website. We could add our logo, banner, tagline and other basic identifiers of our website in header. We should pay attention to the overall appearance of header. The header shouldn’t be too tall or short. If it is too tall, visitors will see less content at the uppermost part of our page.
  • Navigation area: The navigation area helps visitors to find their way through the website. The side navigation allows us to use plenty of vertically-arranged items, but we should still limit the amount of items that we want to use. Alternatively, we could choose horizontal navigation bar located just below the header. Some large websites could require multiple navigation bars. We should be aware that we surfers are not too patient and it is possible for them to leave the website if they are unable to find things that they are looking for. The navigation area of our website should be efficient and simple. We need to minimize the number clicks needed to navigate through the website.
  • Footer: It is the bottom part of our webpage and visitors should get key information from it. It is the place to access common pages, such as Privacy Policy and About Us. We should consider what pages that we need to add in footer.
  • Main content area: We know that content is king. It is the area where our visitors typically see and read content. Content-rich and useful website will be able to convince visitors about the validity of their information and the seriousness of their business. As a result, consumers can be invited to return to the website. In this case, we may need to plan ahead and we shouldn’t use content as padding to fill up empty spaces. We may need to rework the main content area of our webpages. We should be aware that readers may not comfortable with very short or long lines. So, it is important for us to use ideal layout of content.
  • Secondary content area: This area is often used for advertising and other purposes. Content placed in this area should still be relevant to the main content, but readers should still get all the essential information without reading the secondary content area.
  • Background and colors: It is a commonly-accepted fact that we can easily read black letters on white background. In general, we should try to use dark letters and bright background. Patterns or images on the background should be avoided, because some of the words can be hard to read.
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